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Clean Glass = More High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. It has occurred to me that the past few times I have cleaned my Toro, I get a lot more ripped versus it being dirty. Has anyone else noticed this? It wasn't on one occasion too, I've noticed the high is stronger/more intense.
  2. If you try to look at it from a scientific standpoint I don't see that being true, unless you are more inclined to take bigger rips with a cleaner bong. Maybe when it's dirty it's too clogged? Placebo dude, I honestly think so. :(
  3. Dude I gotta say I agree that a clean piece hits harder. I don't clean my pieces often but when I do I absolutely notice a difference.
  4. I'm not sure, but it does make the taste incredible. There's nothing like taking a fat rip of dank out of a freshly cleaned piece. :hello:
  5. I feel like with a clean piece you are burning the herb and collecting the smoke more efficiently thus getting you higher. I can't stand people who rarely clean their bongs. It's something that should be done often so that you can really taste the herb.
  6. But it's a matter of taste, which I agree with. It is more enjoyable smoke but it's not a wise scientific claim to state that it gets you any higher to have a clean piece.

    Just because the smoke is smoother does not mean it is any more potent, but you may be inclined to smoke more of it making you higher after the experience.

    The title of this thread should be Clean Glass = More Enjoyable High?

  7. I would think you'd get higher with a dirtier bong, since you may end up smoking resin and other left-overs (which will most likely get you higher, but also fuck up your lungs)
  8. maybe your more reluctant to take a fatter hit out of a dirty ass tasting bong, and like to pack fatties when you know the smoke will taste like jesus.

  9. Other than taking a fat toke of dank out of a freshly rolled spliff.
  10. Only thing i can think of for a dirty bong to not get you as high as a clean bong is the sticky resin maybe more thc sticks to it so you loose some thc everytime you hit it
  11. I honestly can't see how there could be a direct correlation that could be considered statistically significant, but hey i could be wrong
  12. It's all about the experience. You have a clean piece, it feels clean, tastes good, and adds to the overall experience and makes it more enjoyable.

    Being in a good mindset while getting high tends to help you enjoy the high more, and thus you feel higher.
  13. It sure as hell taste better. I definitely preffer glass. I saw this pretty cool product called bong saver the other day, my friend had it on is bong and it totally saved it when I knocked it over. Thank god or else we'd have to hit the vape and I'd be out $300!
  14. I think the resin on the sides keeps adding up by collecting more thc on the stem, bowl, and overall bong. Idk exactly how it works, but doesn't sticky shit stick to itself?
  15. its deff just better. lol

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