Clean Bong on Airplane???

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  1. Hey GC, just wondering what you think about getting a brand new 100% clean bong onto a plane and back into my country. I am canadian, and wish to travel to L.A. for vacation time with my girl for 2 weeks, and really want to stop by the Illadelph shop. Money is no option, i am aiming to get THEE nicest, most high end piece they have in the store. But my problem is, i need to get on an airplane to get back to where i live, if the bong is clean, can i be arrested or detained from flight for pot pariphinelia(spelling error sorry)? It will be unused and 100% clean, will saying it is for tobacco or even salvia be enough?
  2. If I remember correctly, you can leave it in your luggage but you might not want to do carry-on with a bong though. Correct me if I'm wrong
  3. no idea but i reccomend getting that RIDICULOUS triple glycerine coiled illadelph witht that nasty AC thats been going around on a thread today haha :D good luck and post some pictures of it!
  4. long as there is no trace of thc in it your fine. and keep it wrapped up in the bubble wrap so it dont break. you know how ppl can be careless on plains
  5. Hm what air line are you taking
  6. i'd say that the best case scenario is a sketchy ride for your tube and a bunch of complications if your luggage is searched

    i've also heard that transporting glass products (pipes and bongs) can be illegal from country to country, even if they are completely unused.

    i'd suggest packing it yourself iwth some serious packing material and shi[pping it home.
  7. i suggest smoking tobacco out of it first, and then taking it on the plane, so if you do get caught and its tested it will come up for tobacco.

    But even still i think your good if you bring a clean one, because if you can buy it legally i am pretty sure you can transport it legally.
  8. I think your best bet may be to ship it to your house.

    Even though the glass is clean, it is still possible that you will still get harassed by the police.
  9. Thanks for the reply guys, I decided on a solution.

    Im just going to pack it up in bubble wrap in my suitcase that has a protective "shell"(doesnt let it bend or anything), WITHOUT using it before it is in my house.

    If i get harrassed... theres not much they can do i realise, can they?

    And if they have that triple condenser coil then its mine. I'll let you guys know how it goes when it does, not leaving for a few weeks still though.
  10. well if your looking for THEE nicest consider there custom 1of1 made by their master blowers. i'm pretty sure they have them all there these are 5 of them. there atleast 4 grand and up

    they show all 12 on their website
  11. if u get some kinda coil condenser and take it apart then bubble wrap, i doubt theyll know its a bong, and some of those custom illadelphs are so intricate that it could be hard to determine what it is
  12. I'll have to ponder on getting one of those customs... they look like god's bong collection, and i would LOVE to own one... i was fully set to pay about 2500$ american for a piece, but 4g+? I don't think i can spend that much on a piece lol.

    But yes, I will be purchasing one with a conderser coil for sure, this should add to its stealth factor.

    That kernal sanders bong would be my pick of the customs just for the novelty, but for that price i might as well get a pure golden bong lol.
  13. If that light blue one that had a link posted previously is available and under 3 grand, its mine.
  14. With that big of a price range its gunna be a really REALLY hard decision haha cause in that range everything you look at is super gorgeous. I'd just be super worried about it in my luggage. Id say ship it home and you can pack it yourself with tons of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspaper, small children etc. anything to make sure your baby gets home safely. Also you'd be able to insure it through ups or w.e
  15. If i can insure it with UPS then thank you very much for your help, because thats what I'm going to do. I just hope i dont have an anxiety attack not knowing where my 3000$ investment is and if it is safe or not...

    When i get it, I'll post pics:)
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    I just did this a few weeks ago. I brought a piece of luggage to check, then had the head shop I bought my piece at pack it up with bubble tape, and put it in a box.

    Then after my vacation was over, I took all my used clothes, and wrapped the illadelph & accessories in bubble wrap, then double wrapped with clothes. I then put a whole roll of clear packing tape around the box, put it back in the suitcase, and packed in clothes all around the box.

    Paid the $25 bucks to check the bag, and didn't have one problem.

    edit: I stayed in the USA...
  17. I hope that isnt illegal like taking abrand thats only prduced from one country in another, i would just ask them to ship it out as you are scared it might break in your luggage, but yes as long there is no residue form illegal substances then its fine.
  18. LOL. I saw the title of this thread and I thought you were asking if it was ok to clean your bong on a plane. :rolleyes:
  19. Ive done it, Jetblue flight from JFK to Ft. Lauderdale. I had a box in my carry on all sealed up. Bought the bong new, soaked it in 93% iso overnight rinsed wrapped and re-packed. Going through put it on the x-ray machine and they opened the box and swabbed it down and asked me what it was for.

    The TSA agent kindly suggested that I check it the next time. If i was you I would carry it on.

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