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Clean After Three Days..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SillyGurl, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. So... after being a chronic, multiple times daily smoker for over eight years, I needed to get clean for a program at school. I knew I had been accepted to this program months ago, and it starts in a few weeks. So, when I got my acceptance letter I knew I had to drastically change my use which was hard. My use dwindled down from multiple times daily, to one itty bitty tiny hit daily, to eventually, once every few days. After about a month of "once every few days", I went about four days without smoking, tested myself, and to my surprise, the test came up negative. I *stupidly* decided to celebrate by buying an eighth, to which I smoked daily, although it lasted me about three weeks. (In my previous use, an eighth would last me 3 days). I waited four days, and tested myself, and failed. Okay. So then, I went thirty days clean. I can't remember when I did test myself, but I believe it was around the two week mark I tested myself and came up clean. Okay. So after thirty days I treated myself to one teeny tiny itty bitty little hit from a one hitter. 24 hours later, tested myself, failed. But 48 hours after that (Three days clean) I tested myself, and it came up negative. (PASSING)

    I am a skinny girl. I guess I have a fast metabolism. My question is, what do you think is the safest way for me to smoke? Do you think I can smoke once a week? Once every three days? How can I smoke, and allow myself to get clean in the quickest possible time?

    I know some people will say- you're dumb, just don't smoke! Well, thats easier said than done, especially when I have discovered that I can get clean relatively quick. I am going to continue my experimentations to see how quickly I can get clean and what is a safe amount of use for me. Of course, after my test for school which will be conducted in a week or two. (Thankfully I am clean right now). However, the idea of refraining from smoking for my entire time in school sounds dreadful to me, and I am not looking forward to having hangovers from replacing my smoking habit with alcohol.
  2. Hi SillyGurl, welcome to GC. :)

    When I was a driving instructor, one of my fellow instructors relied heavily on golden seal capsules and a LOT of water to test clean within 36 hours when we were hit with surprise DOT tests. I can't recommend it personally, since I never went that route. I'm a skinny guy (5'10" <150#), and I passed my DOT tests by drinking a gallon of water right before going to do the urinalysis. (Makes you feel like the Michelin Man, and whooeee do you need to pee!) That said, only you can really determine what amount you can get by with. There's too many variables (quality of weed, metabolism/weight etc.) to make an assessment from the outside looking in.

    BTW... Drug tests in school? Yeesh! When I was in school, the only drug tests went something along the lines of, "Got some? Spark it up!" ;)
  3. P.S... I don't think people here are gonna say 'just don't smoke!' lol

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