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Clean a Click'N'Toke

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by kotcarson, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. My wife got me a Click'N'Toke - Click'N'Toke's Page - and it works great for me plus it really helps me medicate while out and about. People rarely give a second look to somebody using such a "medical" looking device (as opposed to a glass spoon, bong, etc).

    I love the thing and recommend it to everybody who needs to medicate often through out the day.

    Anyway, I dunno how to go about cleaning it? Should I clean out all the different parts just like any other sort of MMJ product? Or is there a special way to clean a Click'N'Toke? I don't want to ruin the thing by cleaning it wrong, y'know?

    Many thanks, and happy holidays and new year!
  2. Didn't it come with instructions? I would look-
    Is this a vape type pipe? Looks just like what my dispensary is selling for a $100-! But it's called a vape pen.
    Happy medicating!!!
  3. take it apart and soak your screen in rubbing alcohol
  4. Rubbing alcohol. Gotcha. Thanks :)
  5. I'd suggest 70% rather than 91% but that's really just a personal preference... and make sure you rinse it well with hot water before using it again! :)

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