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  1. I dug into my site today and found hard compact clay. I don't think the roots will penetrate this. It is a yellow clay, very dense. How do I grow there? Most of the soil around my place is like this.
  2. Just dig a big ass hole, the bigger the hole, the bigger the plants.
  3. Bigger the roots, the bigger the shoots.
  4. Hey Growgoat27 -

    You will have to dig a hole and mix in soil the the clay. (yes lots of work but worth it!) I have good soil here in Maine but I still mix in compost and dark rich dirt when I dig holes in the ground. Good luck -

    Kisses -
  5. just use pots its much easier and you can get a pot as big as you want it.
  6. ok now some real advice, it depends on ur site, ground has layers of soils, if ur ground contains only clay right from the top then use pots, but if the top layer is atleast 1 ft of humus then just mix it with the clay but make sure it's real broken up, clay holds water for too long and within days can cause root rot, but mixed with humus and potting soil provides a great medium, infact this is what i grow in and my plants are fucking 3 ft tall already, take a look at my post ddcat pee ne1 herd.
  7. I use pots, I have to, the climate is so dry that ladies planted out would reguire a massive water delivery programme. The pots are upstairs near a tap.
    If I could plant in holes I would, these plants are the ones with truly massive yields.

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