Clay sculpture of guy doin coke

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by GrandaddyPurps, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I made this in sculpture class its a guy smokin a cigar and doing lines of coke on a table.. its not done yet.. i gotta add afew more thinks then cook it and glaze.

    Haha i know im no artist its for this sculpture class my mom is making me take this summer... hahah its me and 12 old people who are all 60+ :eek:
  2. That's awesome! Great work! You are an artist :)
  3. Awesome! I love it, clay sculpture class would be bad ass.

    Keep up the good work :hello:
  4. thts actually pretty damn good man.great job
  5. Yea sounds like what my parents tried to make me do a few years ago.
    Take a glassblowing class too :)
  6. damn that looks pretty sick, i took ceramics for a year in high school and i could never make something like that...but I admit it was fun to to make clay pieces, especilly when you are high as shit
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    thanks for all the kind words everyone
  8. I'd be even better if you painted it, so that the colors could really contrast what's going on in the photos, because at first glance I thought he just had a straw in hand.
  9. He has a pile....

    You should do a before and after.

    He will be much skinnier after that bender :)

    good job man!

  10. a guy doing coke? what kind of art is that? I mean, you obvi have good hands because it came out really nice...but why a guy doing coke? i find it more disturbing than anything else, sorry.
  11. Lulz.

    Gunna give that to your mom when you're done?

  12. yea originally it was gonna be a straw but it ended up looking more like a cigar so i kept it that way. Yea i gotta glaze it.

    I added some more today and fixed up the general form forgot to snap a pic tho.

    Ummm do you know much drug related art there is? Or artists who have been influenced by drugs?

    I enjoy drugs its one of my passions, so I made a guy doing coke... i was gonna do a guy shooting up heroin but mking a needle was to hard.
  13. art is expression.
  14. I hope you will post a pic after you get it all done...I'd love to see it :)
  15. Dang! Good work dude! I've been studying ceramics for a couple of years (mostly wheelthrowing) but i know how hard handbuilding is, and that is really good. how big is it?

  16. yea needles would be hard. but i think pills would be more appropriate tho, cocaine's soooo 1985 lolol.

    drug art rocks!
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    yea pills arent a bad idea... i was thinking of doing sculptures of people doing different drugs and calling it "sub culture" or something.

    Right now im building a spinosaurus

    hahaha prolly not :cool:

    Put it in the kiln yesterday, hopefully it will be baked ;)next week and il snap another pic.
    yea ceramics are cool 2, id like to learn more about it. its about 5x5x5
  18. Taken out of the kiln and and im almost done ovrglazing[​IMG]
  19. I can dig it, I see you decided to go with a gar instead of a straw for the thing in his hand. Looks good man.
  20. damn man its lookin real good. i would never have the patience or artistic ability to do somethin like that. nice work brah

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