Clay Pipe safe to smoke?

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  1. So I got some earthen-ware clay today and I made a little homemade bowl, it was kinda just a joke at first but I was wondering if I could use it. I don't own a kiln so would smoking in it without fireing be harmful? and if so could I just pop it in the oven for a while?

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  2. So in this thread: Would smoking out of a dry clay pipe be safe? you say you think it would be perfectly fine, and then like 3 mins later you start a whole new thread asking if it would be okay? WTF?

    And no, you can't just toss that in the oven for a while, unless that oven is actually a kiln and not in your kitchen.

    To answer your question: Does the package the clay came in say non-toxic? If yes, then you can likely smoke from it safely. If no, then likely not.
  3. I wasn't even sure of myself, lmao I threw it away though, when I tried to hit it the heat from the lighter was so bad. Felt like I was burning my lips.
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  4. unglazed earthenware is gross and alot of places glaze then drill the holes again gross whacha need is one where they glazed inside and out (which takes mad skill) after the unit was finished otherwize

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