Clay Chillum [IMG]

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  1. Here's my new pipe. Its pretty dope.




  2. I like it, very tasteful.
  3. thats got some very nice detail. tight.
  4. Very nice. Something different than the norm.
  5. now thats what a real chillum. can ypu post a shot down the hole?
  6. i would like to see that as well, but yeah love the detail on that sucker
  7. aye thats sick ass chillum. very differnt!
  8. Thats a true chillum, I hope you hit it the way your supposed to, with your hands as an extension of the piece.
  9. That's sweet. Does it taste kinda weird, since it's clay? I've never had a hit out of a clay pipe.
  10. I love chillums, I just actually sold a glass one to my friend.
  11. Wicked cool dude.
  12. thats really cool, i dig the case!
  13. badass case and chillum. very classy
  14. Sick chillum bro.
  15. beautiful man. how's she smoke?
  16. thats super creative. great detail, you should also put this in the art section on GC.
  17. Sick chillum, and it's not glass! These things don't get enough respect in my opinion.
  18. Here ya go:


    No the best shot. The chillum is about 6 inches long and the bowl is about half that distance down.

    I would but its hard hitting it by yourself the proper way :(

    It tasted weird on my first hit, But that was because I forgot to wash it first... Other than that its pretty neutral to taste imo.

    She starts out slow and before you know it you'll be bellowing out a massive cloud.


    Thanks for all the comments everyone.

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