Clawing of new growth

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  1. Ok here's the deal, 600w hps, 80 degree f, ac unitt blows in 465 cfm blower blows out, hydro dwc with dropper, ph between 6 and 6.5, using flora nova grow at recommended dose ( 1 tsp per gal) don't know ppm don't have a meter yet. 3days ago I noticed slight twisting on new growth, I changed the water and added fresh nuts. The day after they started clawing on new growth. This morning I checked and it's worse. I added 1 tsp of nuts and moved the air stone to the other side of the dwc, it was directly under the roots. I'm going to see if the nuts help but if it doesn't work I'm not sure what to do next. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Here's a pic it's the two on the left obviously.

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  3. you have over fertilized change the rez and drop the ph to 5.6-5.9 get a ph pen and get rig of the chemical tester
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    What if I add some water first? Il get a better ph meter today.

    Thanks for the reply
  5. Ok, I got a ph pen changed water added nutes, PHed the water with a ph pen it is at 5.8. Il see what happens and post pics. Thanx

  6. That's not going to help at all.
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    Any suggestions?
  8. Well I woke up this morning eager to check my plants to see if they are any better, it looks like somebody snuck in and gave my girls a perm. WTF I checked ph it jumped up to 7. I did some reading and some guys had some luck using miracle grow for ph down. I will try this today and hope it works. Once again I would very much appreciate some help. This is my first hydro grow and only second grow ever. My first is flowering right now and it has n burn. So I'm trying to get all this figured out.
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    X remedy, you tell me it won't help but you add no solution. However it seems that you were right. My plants are worse now, my ph is high, I ordered a ph down should be here on Monday, maybe tomorrow.

    My ph wasn't high at the start of this. Maybe it will generally lower itself through time. I will keep checking throughout the day. I did some more reading and have found a hundred different causes to my problem. I would like some help before I spend a grip of money trying different things to fix the prob.

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