Clawing And Buds Arent Maturing

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by growgnome, Jun 3, 2013.

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    Got some severe clawing on some of my plants I hope someone could help me with. I'm 4 weeks into flower with Jack the Ripper, Afgan Haze 33, White Russian.

    My setup is

    8 bucket DIY Under current.
    1000 watt hps on a light mover
    1400ppm Canna Nute A and B / CalMag/ Water Shield/ Protekt/ 
    PH 6.1, room temp 75 F, water temp 73 F 

    Thanks for checking it out


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  2. A ph of 6.1 will have you slipping in Cu, B, Mn, Fe, and Ca, but Zn and P with K will be locked out. Lower your ph to no higher than 5.8
  3. Thanks. I adjusted the PH. I was also told that It could be N toxicity so I flushed and lowered that as well. 

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