claw like leaves some glossy ones too?

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  1. Got these two plants seeming to be mostly alright. The leaf tips started to curl down like a claw, and some started to have a glossy ripple effect. I believe its from over-watering. I'm using a soil mixture with 3 parts foxfarm aqu soil with 1-2 parts perlite 1 parts organic compost. I water mostly every day about quart and a half. But the first one I only water once a week since I transplanted into a bigger pot, maybe twice. The second I haven't watered in 5 days. Since I noticed a few days of overwatering had occured. Any tips on how to correct overwatering if this is indeed the problem. Also some general tid bits on how to go about watering schedules with soil. Ex: how much, how often, should I water the entire pot(get some drainage) or try to feed only enough for the plant(no drainage). Mostly correcting exactly what these plants deal is really my main concern. Its just that I've had this sort of problem before. Well ill see what y'all think based on my pics. Well apparently my mobile won't attatch pics so tomarrow ill add them.

  2. can you post a pic and one thing to keep in mind only water when soil is dry
    1/2-1 inch deep
  3. i have the same thing going on right now.... A few of my leaves look like crepe paper..... You may be over fertilizing..... Flush them out and feed less often....
  4. I researched this a bit about 6 weeks ago. The commonly used term is "ram horns". The cause is variously attributed to:

    • over watering
    • too much nitrogen
    • too cold
    • low humidity

    Between the Fox Farm Ocean Forest and the compost, I suppose it is possible that you have to much N, but the overwatering angle should be explored first, because it is the easiest to fix and you already suspect that to be your problem. Though, too much N would be a more interesting problem. ;)

    That sounds very much like fluctuating pH. Do you measure and adjust the pH of your water?

    Pick the pot up. Heft it in your hands. Feel the weight. Feel the center of gravity. Do this every day.

    Water is heavy. Compared to everything else you've got in that pot, it is very heavy. When the pot is full of water, when the medium is saturated, the pot is very heavy. The center of gravity is low in the pot. When there is very little water in the pot, when the medium is mostly dry, the pot is very light. The center of gravity has moved up into the plant itself (if the plant is big enough).

    If you pick up the pot and heft it in your hands every day, you will soon learn to judge when the plant needs watering. All it takes is simple repetition, and not much of that.

    Water for generous runoff. With sufficient perlite, and it sounds like you have sufficient perlite, overwatering is impossible. Excess water just falls through. It is still possible to water too frequently, but not to overwater. Wait until the pot is light then drench her.

    Capture some of the runoff. Measure the pH of the runoff, which will serve as a proxy for your soil pH. Fox Farm balances their soil pH to 6.5 - 6.8, but you added your compost, so the soil pH may have changed. Cannabis wants a soil pH between 6.5 and 6.8. If the pH of the soil wanders outside of that range, the plant will be unable to utilize nutrients that are present in the soil.

    Good luck.
  5. Even with this damn tapatalk app I can't incert pictures and this is my only source of internet right now, lol. So sry I can't get the pics up. ill try again, ill use a friends net later when I get off work or something. Well I'm rockin a good 75 degrees +- 3 or 4. Usually pretty stable. As far as too much N I'm not sure that's the problem. I did for sure burn another AK plant because of a high amount of iron in my large N source(guano), but I used about 1/2 the recommended dosage. I try to avoid too much N as a general rule. But for sure possible, ill continue to watch for signs. I do test the PH in my water bucket regularly. I try to keep it at 6-6.5, and my soil tester says I'm about 6.5-7. I still have been watering these plants very little to none for a week or so now. No signs of worsening. Everything seems to continue to grow so hopefully overwatering being corrected will bounce back completely. Ill keep posting and pics dammit sry. Soon, very soon. Ty

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  6. Btw my PH tester is the test tube with drops change the color from red to orange to yellow, to light green, to geen.... y'all know. And my soil tester is the dual pronged non-electric 3 in one tester for moisture, soil PH, and light intensity. So ya my rig is simple and only so preciese with PH tests both in soil and water. Accurate enough I believe to not blow everything up...speaking. Then again I don't always fully saturate my buckets(which are apporx. 5 gallons+), so I don't get much run-off to test. Side ?..... so run-off is good when watering then wait a few days to do it again. Basically I have been sticking to watering by measurement daily or every other day. I'm thinking maybe I need less fequency. I'm tryin to still keep in mind the more times I get the roots wet then dry to breath in the shortest amount of time the better. But unlike normal ways of just doin hydro. I like soil so far. This is also why I think I might be overwatering, because of the way I think about the way I want my plants to grow. I have some tweaking to do. So please interject a conceptual perspective for my "doing" part of me to consider. Thank for the replys alreadyas well!!


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  7. those soil testers are garbage. You need the ones with capsules where you add soil and water . I Would be willing to bet that it is Overdose on the N.

    You could also buy the soil testers than assess the NPK of the soil. It is 5 bucks though.

    I am skeptical about the overdose on the AK. Those plants are typically nute whores and very hardy.

    I would just go with plain water for 2 weeks

    The thing about guano is that you should go easy on it. I would only go 1/2-3/4 cup per 30 gal of mix.
  8. Alatar buddy - your post rocks. Great answer.

    Its great to see blades providing answers such as yourz.

    Sheikyerbouti ;) lol.

    + rep man.

  9. I think I've narrowed down the cause...using FFOF, dol. lime and perlite not thoroughly mixed + overwatering/inadequate drainage particularly after transplant. The roots hit PH 'hot spots' in the mix, claw up and stop growing and taking water. I say either flush/increase drainage or just wait it out and hope for the best. I've been seeing and researching this problem for a long time because it's a huge pain in the ass! I arrived at this conclusion through the process of elimination. Good luck homie.
  10. Hmm definetely possible on the hot spots. I have been using a lower PH in my water souce to lower the general soil PH. I've bee shooting for 5.5 in the water hopefully balancing out my 7.5-8 soil PH. So hot spots can make sense if I didn't water evenly throughout the whole pot. Not sure I probably will wait it out since the pot has felt over saturated for a while. Also my soil moisture meter had told me so as well. Although could the same thing happen if I were too ruff when transplanting severing some root extensions. I had recently recalled that I had some troubles removing the soil and root cluster from the plants previous home. I believed to be carefull enough. Its just that this plant literally was busting the fuck out until I had transplanted. I'm not sure but I'm trying to rule everything out tial and error style. Sry again for not getting those pics up. I will for sure do it tomarrow around six eastern time at a freinds house.


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  11. Funny you say that. That was the only other factor I was considering that wasn't completely eliminated, but I've seen others take significant root damage at transplant and didn't have that problem. I'm hoping that extra-careful mixing and more holes will keep this from happening again. Good luck man! Nice to hear from another like-minded individual. You guys on this website are the closest things I have to friends most of the time.
  12. Turns out it was over watering with the possibility of root damage on the one. I waited it out and both plant have snaped back wonderfully. Thanks all!


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