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  1. My plants (4) have the "claw" effect which ive heard is usualy a PH problem. So ive figured they arent too over watered becouse i water ever 2 days or so.. The PH is between 7.1 and 7.5 between all the pots. Which i dont understand becouse it was 6.8 for a couple weeks and i havent used any nutes yet. I realy want to fix the "claw" and make them look more lively. Also there are some brownish yellow burns in random spots. Also one leaf as you can see is like half wilted and deadish yet not discolored..

    All i have done so far is add lemon juice to bring the ph down.. This didnt help. So i ended up flushing two plants to see if it helps. Nothing yet

    Any help and words of wisdom is appreciated!!

    Planted in black gold all purpose soil
    4 CFL's 92 watts over all, 1600 lumens each
    Bottled water.
    No nutes.
    Soil PH=7.1-7.5

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  2. its been 6 hours since i flushed.. And it seems like it went down a tad.. Like to 7.0
  3. u leting soil dry? mayb too much water
  4. looks realy dark
  5. I wait about two days.. And water when its dry about two or more inches down. Just worried about the yellowing leaves and the claw.
  6. nvm lol 6 hrs since flush
  7. ya i got 2 doin the claw no yello tho, skiny n droopy
  8. well on some of the plants.. the leaves are pale at the top.. yellowing at the bottom. and dark clawed ones at the top also.
  9. how far the lights
  10. I was using 2 4 ft 32 watt flouro.. but installed these yesterday.. about 2-3 inches away
  11. i got 2 odd balls i think its lokout or lack p or k its not nitrogen
  12. You should post a pic.. Do they look like mine?
  13. im on ps3 atm or i would .... no my r clones looks alot different on my 1 its way more noticable, ill get a pic for u later,wat water u using?
  14. i c u viewing tplat... u got similar issue?
  15. im just using bottled water mixed with lemon juice to bring PH down. Which i think is the problem of the claw..
  16. wat kinda water... ppms? wat ph uwatering at

  17. I tried the same soil just recently for some seedlings and didnt like it. I could put water in at a PH of 7.0-7.2 straight tap water that sat out overnight and the PH run off was 5.9. How are you PH testing? I since transplanted them into Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and they are doing alot better. By the way your plants are ready for nutes.
  18. could it have been from hard water in the soil tho?
  19. how long ago was that tplat n wat kinda water u giving
  20. well im using a mechanical ph tester.. testing soil only. and its reading 7.5 or so. I need to invest in a better PH tester.. And i want to add nutes but im affraid to becouse the PH is so high already.

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