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  1. Does any listen to a little classical music? I just got into it a little bit. Mainly Beethoven. And a few mozart songs. Anyone else got any they listen to?
  2. I don't really listen to it on my own fruition...but I'm a music major so I've had to learn a lot of it for music history. I play clarinet so I like most french clarinet repertoire, also like Rachmaninov, Debussy, C.M. vonWeber, and Chopin.
  3. i love mozart, esp. his requiem. I got to do some traveling in europe this summer, and go to salzberg and vienna (got a pic. of mozart's 1st violin, ... then got in trouble for taking said pic)... but yeah. Listening to his requiem in a huge gothic cathedral was... oooh my god. I am also a horn player, as are my parents, so I was raised on his horn concertos, which are nice.

    I also highly enjoy holst's planets, the bach cello suites (esp. the prelude to the first), the lieutenant kije suite (can't remember who wrote it :()... i also enjoy me some rimsky-korsokov.
  4. I love Mozart, Also I really dig Carmina Burana, Holst's Planets, Dvorak, Beetoven, Aaron Copland...

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