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  1. i've never really been into classical music but i have heard a couple pieces of classical music over the last few weeks that i have really enjoyed and some i found to be really trippy. anyone else here like classical music at all? o yea i was wondering also if you all know of any trippy classical music i can download. i found the orchestral version of the requiem for a dream song and found that to be really cool. so if you all could point me in a direction towards some good possibly trippy classical music that would be apreciated.

    -peace and keep blazin
  2. I listen to classical music all the time. ESPECIALLY when I'm high. I listen to bach, beethoven, and others that I can find, but generally just listen to it on the radio as so cali has excellent variety of high quality radio stations.

    Surprisingly enough, one radio station's morning show casters claimed they had baked some magic brownies before doing the show and ate them. One of the broadcasters (a female) freaked out and claimed that she had never been this high before, ran out, and hid in her car for an hour. Later, one of the other casters went to check on her and he said she was freaking out a little, so he was going to take her home.

    I found it quite hilarious.

    Anyways, classical music is quite enjoyable. I enjoy it about as much as I enjoy reggae, classical rock, and jazz.
  3. My favorite piece of classical music is Tchaikovsky's 'Romeo & Juliet". Then, there's Rachmaninov's 'Concerto #9'. Beethoven has way too much energy for me to relax and listen to. Mozart and Bach both do some pretty innovative stuff that's excellent to listen to.

    Try checking out CD's that have a variety of music by different classical composers, then downloading the stuff to see if you like it. I find that to really enjoy classical, it's good to know the story behind the piece so you can tell what the composer intended for the listener to hear. Also, taking a music appreciation class is a huge help. I didn't understand classical music until I took an appreciation class in college. When it hit me what the composers were doing, it opened up a whole new world for me. Kinda makes contemporary music pale by comparison. If you really want to appreciate classical music, that's my suggestion. :cool:
  4. beethoven- fur elise is freakin amazing
  5. Thats exactl what I was gonna say. When your ripped Fur Elise is definitily awesome. Even more so if youve had a few beer also:cool:
  6. Sonata for Piano No. 11 in A Major- Alberto Lizzio & Mozart Festival Orchesrta- A Celebration - 250 Minutes Of Mozart
  7. i love classical music, i have been playing it on the piano for years. i like most piano classical music there is so many that i would name right now. check out:

    chopin etudes (especially revolutionary and winter wind and aeolin harp)
    debussy arabesque (1 and 2), "en bateau" and "ballet" and "toccata", and claire de lune
    beethoven piano sonatas (such as pathetique, waldstein, moonlight, many more)
    liszt- hungarian dance (also "mazeppa" and "sospiro")

    there are so many i like

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