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  1. Hi all, I'm pretty new to weed, and so far I've only ever sat around chilling with friends while high, we never really do anything awesome. So while thinking of stuff to do next time, I of course thought about listening to different music to see what it was like since I've read on here that it's a lot more awesome to do while you're high.
    But I only listen to classical music. I know to most people classical music is boring or something, but I guess you just have to be raised with it and involved in the classical music world in general. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone on here that was into classical music had any recommendations or just wanted to discuss classical music and highness.
    I'm planning on listening to Moussorgsky's pictures at an exhibition, I played last year with my youth orchestra and you always see more awesomeness and detail in a piece when you play it, and it has a lot of variety in many ways. Different levels of excitement, different timbres, different emotions. I thought it'd be a great piece to see what different music would be like high.
    Another piece I really want to hear high is Saint-Saens's Danse Macabre, this one not just because of its awesomeness but also because of a particular experience.
    I live by San Francisco, and my family was driving down to LA because it's cheaper than plane tickets and it only takes about a day. So near the end of our way down there, at around maybe 11PM, we were driving on a small, fairly straight and level road that only made broad curves. The road was on the side of some hills, and from it, in the dark, you could still see the huge rounded mountains that surrounded us in every direction, the valleys covered with a thick blanket of tall pines and an eerie fog. Every once in a while you'd spot a high, stone cliff. No sign of man was visible except the road we were on. There were not lights to be seen, not even stars for some reason, maybe it was overcast too. But it was one of those moments when you realize how huge nature is, and what a mountain symbolizes. Moving through all those mountains listening to that music had a particular effect on me, and it was awesome. And I want to see if I can feel the same thing or even more while high.
    And I don't know what else I'd like to listen to. . .
    Maybe Schubert's unfinished symphony...
    Oh! Saint-Saens's organ symphony. I've always liked the theme to that. The tone is a lot like Danse Macabre, actually...

    I hope I'll be able to concentrate enough to really experience it though.

    Sorry for typing so much, I'm really just thinking aloud. I'm at school and I have no 3rd period, so I just sit in the computer lab burning time. Usually thinking about weed. I haven't gotten high since discovering this forum, and since reading a few threads here and there I've only just now realized how much there is for me to explore in getting high. Can't wait til the weekend. :)

    So yeah, you can use this thread to discuss anything I said or anything you want to say about classical music.
  2. Not a huge fan, but when I do listen, it's most likely something by Itzhak Perlman. I have a soft-spot for the violin, so beautiful.
  3. Anything Bach is epic, sober or blazed. Toccata and Fugue in D minor is my all time favorite, it just blows your mind it's so awesomely great.
  4. It's interesting to see while boroque, classical, romantic or avant garde music is considered lame or unconventional becase of it's modernized 'boring, lame' simply put 'classic' stereotype that has settled upon it.

    But what few realize how this music can truly in such intricitae and yet simplictic way pull at the very emotional strings that tie ones whole existence together. All about text painting. Music building to bring you to tears, or brings you to your feet. To hear the blends and tone clusters that this music delivers is a rarity and a great feeling. Ive recently started attenting concerts stoned. To just sit and relax through a concert, and just by really listening you gain more than just a run of the mill concert experience. :D
  5. I love Classical music. Bach, Bartok, Stravinsky, Chopin, so many more. There is is also a lot going on in modern classical music, which composers like Toru Takemitsu really breaking new ground.
  6. I always thought classical music would be the shit while high but I never knew where to start. To any classical fans, what should I check out?
  7. try my list

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