Classical Music?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by lostinthefog, Jan 16, 2004.


What do you think of Classical Music?

  1. I dig it

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  2. Not my cup of tea

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  1. Classical music is actually pretty cool. If you give it a chance. There is this one station in chicago that i listen to if everythign else is all commercials, (its 98.7 if u are in chicagoland) It has some really cool stuff. I couldnt tell you any of the names but its just really cool!
  2. yeh...some classical is cool, like Carl Orff- Carmina Burana. But usually I like the more repetitive stuff with 2-3 themes in 1 song that are repeated.
  3. Classical music runs the gammet of being incredibly boring to exceptionally well done. I don't usually(or ever really) put on classical music, but I do respect a lot of it.
  4. ditto
  5. Yeah I could never really get into classical music, it's too uh....I can't explain it, even if I need some soothing music to fall asleep to or somethin...doesn't work for me but I too have much respect for it :)
  6. I sure dig it. Especially opera. Since I've had this relationship with an Italian woman who worked at the world famous 'Scala' in Milan, I really learned to appreciate it.
  7. i have always wanted to go to an opera or symphoney or anything like that. wish we had more of that kinda thing here in our ice village lol. i too enjoy listening to classical music. when things are quiet and i'm alone. or reading. i like to be in a certain mood when i listen to classical. like when i'm schmokin the goods!

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