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  1. Does anyone ever listen to classical music while stoned or otherwise? I mean everyone seems to talk a lot about music from the 60's the present but I wonder does anyone ever listen to music by Beethoven or Bach, perhaps a little samuel barber. I listen to classic FM in the UK sometimes while a little baked and sometimes when not and a lot of classical music is amazing to listen to.

    your thoughts if you would
  2. classical kicks ass


    its all good shit :)
  3. i personally prefer mozart. i grew up on him, and i still to this day love his music, every piece of it that exists. i love listening to the classical station while stoned, in a mellow mood sometimes it's the only thing that seems good to listen to.

    i love cooking while listening to it, it makes me feel like this badass gourmet chef (ooo gourmet tofu tacos, or oo even better yet macaroni and cheese lol)
  4. now why did I KNOW that you of all people would answer this post Ganjaphish? Is there any type of music this girl DOESN'T like?
  5. i love classical music... some of my favorites are by the trans syberian orcastra. beethoven and bach kick ass too :)

    i also find that opera is awesome to listen to at times. you don't need to understand the language, because how they sing it is so intense that it conveys what they're feeling... and that's what really matters.

  6. hahaha LOL actually i would say i can't stand country music, but not ALL of it's bad. it's not my cup of tea. :D

  7. Not really a big fan of classical music (bach etc.) but I like listening to Scifi themes that use classical orchestras (Star wars, 2001, etc.) and some of Karlf Orfs stuff is great, new calssical music is boring 'cos it's the same thing asd the classical classical music´, it's just played with metal barrels and junk, boring.

    By the way is there anyone out there who like Vangelis? it's great, he really can capture and re-create images and ambient land scapes.
  8. I listen to a lot of classical music when im hunting for samples..

    I still like it better with a beat over it though.
  9. THE BEAT!!!!! that's what makes the song really work. But there's room for non-beat music.
    I prefer Gabber beats: Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum

    brake beats: Dumdumching-dukadukachi-Dumdum chin dumdum chin

    and venetian snare beats:Du-tchi-DDDum-Chang-chang-Du' tchi tchi tchi
  10. cant get these 2 off the playlist. absolute favorites..

    Air (Bach) - Stuttgarter Kamme-Rochester/Karl Muchinger
    & Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D

    enjoy! I cant get enough of these two

  11. ooooooooh and for you beach lovers...I had to burn it from my parents, but its Canon in D, about 50some minutes long with soft mellow wave sounds in between sets of the music..verrrrry relaxing...calm, just simply beautiful.
  12. I love Mozart so much..... Bach, Tchaichovsky, Beethoven.... all amazing music even if I'm not baked.
    Even though it's hundreds of years old, it never stops sounding fresh.
  13. theres some really awesome tool songs that some people.. don't ask me who.. re-did.. all classical like, it was like a tribute to tool.. it's really awesome, if you have kazaa you should check it out. but that's as close to classical music as you'll get me :)
  14. Classical music is the best ever made. You don't need to be a fan or even need to like classical music to realize that it truely is the best music if you listen to it.
  15. Classicial music can be very powerful, but I can't help but get the feeling that I haven't been exposed to nearly enough of it. I'm getting some good recommendations now though! Maybe somebody could suggest a few CDs that an aspiring classical fan might buy?
  16. im not an avid listener to classic, but i dont mind listening to it, and certainly wouldnt say no to it stoned. im going to have to try beetoven or mozart out when high.
  17. mozart is really fucking good. I love symphonies.

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