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  1. So on July 2nd I Audition in front of the musical faculty at the University of my choosing. Not sure what I should pick for my Audition piece, needs to be classical and show a variety of styles. So GC, show your classy side, recommend me a song or two?:confused::D:smoking:
  2. Zeplike - slightly stoopid

    Great song, good luck, its a toughie
  3. Haha already thought of it. need a more practical piece. something mid 18th to late 19th century. Maybe some music from the romantic era...I know only a few classical pieces but I, have good technique, and can play just about anything with a little time.

    my sight reading sucks a bit though:p
  4. cant go wrong with asturias, i started learning that (then stopped, lol) a while back.. great music
    edit: not much variety, but shows skill
  5. is malaguena an option?
    ur u could be bad ass and do light my fire like jose felicuano.
    lol what about the trees by rush, i think the beginning is classical...maybe not.

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