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  1. can anyone give me some nice classic rock songs to blaze to? i'll start. lol voodoo child. by jimi. maybe not the whole song but the beginning is perfect in my opinion. so. anymore songs like this?
  2. i want You (shes so heavy) the beatles

    I name more later gotta run
  3. comfortably numb-pink Floyd
    fade to black-Metallica
    the fool on the hill-the Beatles
    sweet leaf-black sabbath
    sympathy for the devil-rolling stones
    eruption-van halen

    for some reason the lyrics to these songs always trip me out except of course eruption which has no lyrics.
  4. in-a-godda-da-vida by iron butterfly
  5. Burning of the midnight lamp - Jimi Hendrix
    Hurricane - Bob Dylan
    Love Hurts - Nazareth
    After The Gold Rush - Neil Young
    Hey You - Pink Floyd
    Mother - Pink Floyd
  6. Third Stone From the Sun- Jimi Hendrix
    Hey Joe- Jimi Hendrix
    When the Levee Breaks- Led Zeppelin
    No Quater - Led Zeppelin
    Only a Northern Song- The Beatles
    the entire Shine on You Crazy Diamond- Pink Floyd
    Matilda Mother- Pink Floyd
    Another Ones Bites the Dust- Queen
    Waiting for the Sun- The Doors
    The End- The Doors
    Boris the Spider- The Who

  7. the jimi hendrix experience
    jimi hendrix
    pink floyd
    led zeppelin
    eric clapton
    the who
    paul butterfield band
    allman brothers
    muddy waters
    rolling stones
    jefferson airplane
    the grateful dead
    fleetwood mac
    the kinks queen
    steve miller band
    doobie brothers

    just download some albums by them and your set for a while

    and i'd suggest looking into the blues if you like voodoo chile (especially if you like the 15 min one)

    bb king
    albert king
    muddy waters
    lightin hopkins
    otis redding
  8. this is all you need


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