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classic namron rant

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. this isnt even really classic at just gonna tell a story..

    this dude got high one day, and then the orange cow came up to his window and asked for a pint of jd..the guy got mad cuz he gave the cow a pint of jd like..just the other day, and he just didnt feel right givin his orange kow a pint of jd was the trees had lost their roots..and fell over...but not in a bad way, cuz then they would land on stuff..maybe they just lean down softly..yeah..thats what they should truck..smells like weed....i got an ounce of some kill...good day.
  2. That's a rockin' story :D

    So.... what happened to the kow in the end??? Smoke enough to kill a horse then come back and FINISH!
  3. don't kill horses; they're lucky
    and the cows around here only drink SoCo.

    oh, and what's mr. stabby from? he looks familiar...
  4. An ORANGE cow, huh?

    Nice somewhat-of-a-rant there, Norm!:)
  5. yeah..upon not being stoned, i have realized that it is not classic namron at all...but it was a good story

    mr stabby is from

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