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    So I've been searching for some goods for a while and decide to call this guy i know a little from school. He says he'll call me back and to my surprise, he does. So i'm all psyched up and grab my money and go to meet him with my friend. We roll up there and see two other guys in his SUV (which gave me a bad feeling right then). I did like I always do and get out and go to his car to get in but the door is locked. The front passenger gets out and says "You got the bread, homie?" and I said yeah. He tells me to give the money to him, and I do, and then he gets back in the car. Now I know this is fucked up and they're gonna rob me.

    They exclaim that we need to go meet at another location and I'm saying bullshit give me my money. It is obvious at that point that they are robbing me. I repeatedly tell them to give me my money, with no success, and eventually get back in the car to go meet them... again. That right there was my mistake, but I felt I had no other option.

    Of course, they did rob me. Now that I am sitting here thinking back on it, I should have told them that I did not want it anymore and to give me my money back. Might not have had any luck anyway. I've just taken it as a small loss ($60). I shouldn't fight over the one thing that can stop all the fighting anyhow.
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    haha, 60 bucks, yo didn't lose shit. I think i just got 5 bills jacked. Small change man. Sorry to hear that though, it's still just sinking in that i got ripped off, so i'm semi-raged right now.

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