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What do you consider yourself to be?

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  1. This is the one prejudice I have NEVER understood yet I see it EVERYWHERE- even HERE of all places. Now I just wanna know- what "class" do you see yourself as?

    I just (over)hear all the time people refer to each other as "rich middle class bastard" or "fucking estate scum" where I live. I've never considered myself part of any social class. It seems that the so called higher classes have this deep rooted mistrust of the so called lower classes (as ever) but I see more and more this dislike of the so called upper classes. It's funny ya know because most of the people who are a better off financially have worked for most of their lives to get into that situation (and their offspring can hardly help where they come from). Yet it seems that almost everyone dreams of winning the lottery- a situation where you get obscene amounts of money for doing fuck all.

    Personally the whole fucking idea is obscene. If you're poorer than most then it doesn't mean you're any less a person and if you have worked hard in life then perhaps you deserve to get a lil something back. Either way money is just ONE of many things that make up your life. Your thoughts if you please.

    EDIT: sorry I meant to post this in pandora's- if you're a mod do you think you could move this thread? thanx
  2. Lower. but wtf does that mean. its silly. its only one way of splitting people up into different groups, or at the very least, putting people on a scale to see where we all fit in one regards. there are many ways of doing this, and in nearly every way theres always gonna be some people who are predjudice against people who fit in other categories.
  3. Only like 4% of the population is Upper Class. I bet none have ever posted on this board ever. They truely suck and they account for the insane inequities we face as a country/planet. They are so rediculously rich that even that one kid you know thats mad crazy rich and he lives in a sick ass house, even he probably isn't upper class. Just upper middle class.
  4. ok should have added a "don't think in classes" as that was the whole point of my post- obviously that didn't come out. I just see it from time to time here and there and thought I'd just make a little half arsed comment. Perhaps I should have used my whole arse :D
  5. i live in a high middle to upper class area.... but have no thought or care of what i am......
  6. I do believe in social classes to an extent. I mean, I don't think there should be any but I believe they exist. If any particular society was built upon merits and the ones in power were there because they deserved it then I wouldn't have much of a problem. But the thing is, as a race humanity's overall ability has surpassed it's system of distribution.

    Socialism isn't the answer but we can't continue to live in a system that concentrate's a majority of it's money within a minority of people. As the population of earth continues to grow we'll surpass our means and poverty will start to deeply effect even the richest of countries.

    In this sense I can see very well how a class sytem exists. If resources are controlled by money then money equals power. Nepotism and greed have grown dominant over common sense and compassion because our system encourages that kind of behavior.

    We have to find a balance since we can't simply allow the poor to die (though that would continue traditional evolution, i.e. survival of the fittest), nor can we eliminate competition. If we did progress would, well, stop.

    Reward those who truly drive progress, either through hard work or genius. These days it's rare for a leader to be a supierior individual.
  7. socialism i scloser to teh answer than what we have right now though. and it needs to be a new breed of socialism unlike anything seen before. it needs to be integrated throughout and yet not intrusive like an authoritive oppressor to the people. it must be by teh people for the people... something that gets over looked as we have it now.
  8. I don't think about the concept of classes. I try to draw as few separating lines in the Human species as possible. Therefore, I cannot answer your question.
  9. face it there are classes are sugar coating it wont make it go away heres how it works:

    first off there is nothing wrong with any of the classes i myself am middle class not poor or rich but poor people arnt bad folk nor are rich people but each set of classes have there own rules in each respective society observe:

    lower class:

    in this group are the bad kids . about 70% of em are the type of ppl who are scum, the other 30% are decent people who are only in this class because of there finacial state and not because they fit in like the rest of the assholes but that 70% of people will lie to your face, beat you or swindle you out of money and other goods should the need arise, they act on more of a survival instinct and prey on the weak like animals taking advantage of them and exploiting them anyway possible

    middle class: this is the most diverse class since most people make up this class. middle class contains close ratios of bad kids good kids, stoners,preps just about all the sub-classes of people have a place here since with basic education its easy to make a living with middle class income

    upper class:

    this class is not usually that commonly met by others in lower social groups the snotty rich people we meet in middle class and lower class are the preps, which although they arnt a class by themselves they are a sub-class. most preps make up the middle class range and only wear and buy fancy things to emulate the upper class with that said here is what upper class is like:

    these people live in nice houses they have expensive shit and some can range with a 6 figuar income so there living large and usually try to only socialize with there own kind because they are brought up believeing they are hated by other classes which isnt true at all but makes it true to some people which is why we get some people saying "o those rich bastards think there better then us"

    stick a fork in me im done
  10. My family is middle class. I don't think it means anything except that my dad has worked very hard to support our family and knows how to save money well (he's a fucking tightwad). I believe that my social status as determined by my parents income makes me any better or worse than anyone else who's social status is determined by their parents income. And really, like someone said, there are so many other things in life that you should measure a person by, money being the least of them.

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