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Class trip to Québec

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MisterRoboto, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Okay, so for our french 4 class trip, we're going to Québec City for a weekend. i'd like to be able to get high during the trip, but ESPECIALLY during the bus ride there [its gonna be like 13 hours or some ridiculous amount like that]. so i'm planning on making firecrackers, done them before, they worked good. but my question is, will i be able to bring a couple INTO canada without border patrol getting all up in our grill [no pun intended]? and i cant rly buy bud there, because the whole thing is pretty structered and there wont be that much time to go out and randomly ask the townspeople if they have weed.
  2. I went on a class ski trip to quebec last year and my friends and I brought some bud in foil and shampoo containers. But they didn't even bother searching anything. So I'm sure if you find something failproof to keep it in, then you'll be straight.
  3. Be careful with firecrackers, sometimes they can be hella rank. My parents never notice when I smoke in my room (bong) but I had a couple of fire crackers in a baggie wrapped in tin foil for about 4 days, took one out and started to eat it and apparently you could smell it through walls :confused:
  4. My cousin and his friends brought 2 ounces of hash from Dublin to Italy in Hair wax tins.. They cut out the middle of the wax and wrapped the hash up and then put it in the wax tin and covered it over again in wax.

    This seems to be a pretty full-proof method of bringing shit into different countries, and seeing as how your on a bus it should be even earlier.

    And with the firecrackers, eat a few before the bus ride, then quickly (and on the sly) scoff the others mid journey.

    There shouldn't be any problems. Have a good time bro.

  5. i think ill bring two firecrackers [one for the ride there and one for back] and then some bud, papers, and my sploof

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