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  1. Class of 2010 where you guys at?!? Just graduated High School today, planning to go to a community college next year.
  2. congrats man, community colleges i feel are a good choice before going to a 4 year. smart move by u
  3. Graduate next Friday, then off to UCSB!
  4. siuuhhh !

    it was a long good year man

    i been on gc for awhile but im finally moving up officially '

    college is definitely going to be a lot of work but im lookin forward to it

    ucf all day !

  5. good luck man! dont skip yo classes like i did and fuck everything up.... :eek:

  6. yeha attendance was always my biggest problem in high school but thats just cause i actually thought it was a good trade off to have a day off and then just make up work the next day

    i never really minded

    but yeah in college i know it'll be important thanks for the advice
  7. np bro. once you start skipping..its a cycle. and then your fucked...i ruined a whole semester. but plan on making some changes this fall.

    good luck to us both then ;)
  8. c/o 2010 here, yeah skipping is deff a cycle, once you skip once the next day you do it, etc etc..
  9. oh man, i almost came when they told me i graduated


    congrats bro
  10. Colorado Springs class of 2010! still got another week though *sigh*
  11. I have a week to make up twelve hours of detention or else I can't go to prom. My school is ghey. Oh well...
  12. yeah man im graduating high school on june 6th im so pumped then im off to college in the fall on the east coast, but im gonna be moving to the west coast this summer. cali baby
  13. Class of 09 bitches!
    :( but then I went to community college and fucked up everything, but now I have to show my parents my grades:(
    Passed 1/4
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    Graduated from Virginia Tech 4 days ago, hurray for debt
  15. class of 09 baby!
  16. graduated college...fuck.

  17. Holy shit we are in the same situation
  18. class of 2010? Fuck.

    Makes me feel old. When the hell did this happen? Class of 05

    WHere did those 5 years go. Fuck.
  19. yep 09 here too
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    Class of '08!!!!!!!!!!

    /thread :p

    *edit* congrats dude. Does anyone miss high school? I sure as hell don't. Good riddance! Haven't gone back since 2008 and never plan to.

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