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Class C

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shogun2002, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Tommorow 29th Jan Cannabis will become Class C in the applies to Northern Ireland too, happy days :D

    So now we can all walk around with 5-10 deals and nothing happens, i wonder how local police will react though.

    This is a small stepping stone towards the full goal...Leagalising Cannabis.
  2. summit tells me it mite not last too long tho, by ppls reactions :rolleyes:
  3. It will last long...they changed the drug laws, people will have to accept it, it's accepted here now anyway as a way of life, "oh look, someones having a joint" nobody gives a fuck, people smoke it in bars, discos, shops,in the street, schools, anywhere and everywhere...a spliff.

  4. wow wow wow, you didnt just say smokin joints IN school... now thats awesome.. I thought us canadians had it easy
  5. never saw it like that, good point ppl accepted it before and complain now so it proberly will stay.

    good point. yey class c
  6. thats one point for the stoner team, next!
  7. Happy Class C Day! I'm happy for all of you! :) Jealous, but still happy.
  8. Congrats all you across the pond! Now if only my government would pull its head out of its ass...

    So how exactly does the law treat it now? I'm guessing "Class C" is like saying "Schedule 3" in the US.
  9. Its Class C.

    Right Now!
  10. Just had my first bong sesh since its downgradment, still as good as ever, well cained. :D
  11. so in the uk you can smoke anywhere now like Amsterdam perhaps? if so awesome! And frank you say the US is section 3/class c right now? then why the hell cant we toke anywhere we want damnit!!!!
  12. It's still illegal, same class as steroids, its just if the cops busted us smoking then the most they'd do was to confiscate it.
  13. Wooooo now they'll only arrest us if we're near young children like a school or somethin, and we dont have much on us, however i think they will still confiscate it regardless of the place.....
  14. wow. Thats great. I'm studying abroad in London in Spring of '05 so that'll be sweet.

  15. Yea most days someone does.

    You can be arrested if your 17 or under, smoking in a public place or near schools, it will be interesting to see what the police will call personal use and how the local police will react to youths with cannabis, even if its small amounts.

    Happy class C to all and keep high :)
  16. well the way it goes here wiyh decriminalisation, is that it is moved to class c, which means that if the police find it on you, they can either, turn a blind eye, or take your details and give you a kind of verbal warning........if they really want to they can arrest you, like if you have more than they deem needed for personal use........but not only for smoking near a school, or directly in public, or both are arrestable offences........

    basically after a while they will not give a the first coffeeshop in Scotland opened in Edinburgh.......the police said they'd still enforce the law.........if the owner had any sense, he'd tell everyone to come down, but NO ONE have weed on them.....that way the police will have a big red face, raiding a coffeeshop that has no all in front of the news cameras, and the media........Peace out........Sid
  17. Yea exactly, eventually no one will give a shite at all, most don't now though anyway.

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