Class Action Suit: Kicked Out of School for Smoking Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by VWFringe, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Poll to Ask Stoners to Participage in Class Action Law Suit against the federal government, for loss of wages:
    YES, I would participate to help earn better freedom and educational access for future students,
    NO, I believe I was punished fairly, and will suffer the consequences alone, as my personal responsibility

    Due to government policies, and the war on drugs, we are forcibly removed from school for smoking pot or getting caught for possession, on or off school grounds, and if we are in college that means losing your standing in school and losing any Federal loans you may have going. The Federal Government's ability to punish and exclude people from primary and secondary education for smoking pot, causes loss of wages and delays in obtaining degrees from school. It is a direct repression of our rights which has a direct effect on our ability to learn and earn.

    I believe if we were successfull at suing them for the this damage to our lives, that we might have a chance at demanding they change things.

    Would you participate in a Class Action Suit for the damage their policies have caused us?

    Kicked out of school for Cannabis?
    Lose a Student Loan because of Cannabis?
    Have you suffered from loss of wages due to Federal Policies?
    Have you suffered economically due to Federal drug policies?
    Has your family suffered economically due to Federal drug policies?

    Would you like to see this Cannabis-shaming stopped in our lifetimes?
    Would you like the truth to be exposed behind the government's cover-up for corporate greed as they protect the Pharmaceutical Industry's profits and their own revenue streams?

    Many people have no experience with drugs or marijuana, and are oblivious to the hidden social and economic costs of the war on drugs, but I believe if we are successfull at demonstrating these costs to the public they will be more willing to back off the attacks against individuals and families.

    No government concedes power without a demand.
    The Federal Governent is responsible for creating an environment whereby our school administrators are forced to hand over our children to the Criminal Justice System for what is a health issue, not a criminal one.

    For criminalizing drug use, and possession of marijuana, and more specifically, for stripping our futures of any hope by reducing our wages and ability to earn a living, we should get together and form a class action law suit against them.

    Who would participate with me?

    If you were kicked out of school, or spent time in jail/prison, and it caused financial hardship, would you participate in a Class Action Law Suit against the Federal Government?


    Imagine millions of Americans rising up, saying with one voice, Stop These Draconian Punishments for Drug Use, Stop Costing Our Children and Neighborhoods and Families Loss of Wages for not following rules they cannot be expected to follow!


  2. Well, honestly no. College is not a right - they have rules. Not picking on you, it's the same thing as getting fired for testing positive on a random - it sucks, but that's the way it goes.

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