Clash Royale

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by M32 Blazer, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Anyone play Clash Royale?

    Come discuss decks, cards, strategys and stuff
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  2. I played for like 10 minutes and couldn't get into it.

    Seems like another p2w to me.

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  3. I play it and yea it's def p2w and rigged but still fun
  4. Until they add xp or gold for wins, the higher levels will take ages to grind through.

    The gameplays fun though so I play it every once in awhile.

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  5. you get xp and gold from donating troops in your clan..its so rigged though its pissing me at 1400 trophies and I will lose a bunch of times in a row and set me back to 1200..I hate that the cards you play are "random" cause thats how they rig it to make you spent money to upgrade more..they should just let you use all your cards since you have to wait for elixir to build anyways

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