Clash of Clans?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by BluntTrauma90, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Cool thank you. I'll send a request when I'm able to.

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  2. Lvl 67 here. Pretty good time killer and it's entertaining.
  3. You aint lying lol. You should join us bro unless your allready in a clan

    Meddling kids

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  4. I'm already in a clan or I would man. If you get kicked or leave yours. My clan is "New Jerseys JL"
  5. I clash. I'm Zorgoth in Fifty'sFamily

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  6. Hell yeah I love clash. Th 8 and climbing. I found a clan that's made up mostly of people from my city which is cool. Clan wars rule as well
  7. Join: the Ironborn I'll make you elder and you can totally earn co

  8. Just started playing too! TH4 atm. Still learning the game tho!
  9. Yeah man. This game is addicting haha. I love it it really helps pass time too.

    Here's my setup

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  10. @[member="Sghetti nButter"] where is your clan "New Jerseys JL" I cannot find them on the game, I may like to join! 
  11. I'm
    Not sure man, I tried looking up our name right now and our clan isn't showing up lol.
    We exist though! Keep trying maybe it'll pop up when you search sometime soon.
    What's your level by the way?
    Saw the guy a few comments above posted a screenshot of his village, so here's mine lol..

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  12. level 99-th9
    game keeps getting better, once you get maxed troops n can destroy a lot of bases.
    in a decent clan right now, only 90+ though
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  13. Join meddling kids brotha we can use a beast like u

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  14. We should make a GC clan!!!
  15. GC clan ever made? Upgraded a lot since I commented in this thread haha
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    Nah never made one I'm in one called prototype great clan good support join us bro tellen the great sent ya
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  18. Tried playing this for awhile but it just moves too slow. After it got to the point where it takes 3+ days to upgrade buildings and units I said fuck it. Plus you can't micro manage your units in battle. Give me command & conquer all day every day.
  19. I love clash of clans. Im a Th9 lvl 85. In a clan called Neglected Foot. lol

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