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Clarification With The Safety Of Cheap Bongs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by APX, Nov 23, 2011.

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    I'm stoned at the moment, so this will be brief.

    Steaming hot water is THE BEST temperature to be used in bongs for your lungs. This filters the water non-soluble THC from the water-soluble carcinogens more than freezing water could ever do. I enjoy a freezing cold rip- trust me -but I am here with 7th grade science.

    The hotter something is, the more it expands and moves. A more expanded substance is lighter, and can be broken easier. It's easier to stab a pillow then a diamond :p

    Hence the carcinogens- need I say more? As a bonus factor, the steam mixes with the smoke, clearing it again in the air.

    Freezing water actually makes your hits worse :( I know, I hate that also...

    So what do we do to test the safety of this? Well, first take a strain with ~15% THC content.

    Next, hit the bong until it is full of smoke. Put out the herb. HIT!! make sure you keep it in your mouth for a second, filter the water out. Then hit into your lungs for 4 seconds. Exhale.

    Repeat with the cold water bong. There should be more smoke from the cold water.

    As THC is absorbed within about 4 seconds, most excess smoke is harmful. I hit for 6 seconds on all occasions, to get the most out of my herb.

    Ice feels nice, warm does something good for you that rhymes with warm. If your heart desires to smoke a cold water bong, then go for it. If you are a regular smoker like me though, you should watch out for yourself. Only smoke strong strains that have high THC, use safe methods, stick to organic herb, and cook.

    Be safe when you can. A joint with friends won't hurt as much as every single bong rip you ever do having cold water and schwag.

    Edit: Sorry about the title, could be confusing. People who run bongs without an ice chamber could use freezing fresh or salt water, sno cone ice, and ice cubes to cool their hits. Hence the title.
  2. [quote name='"MesKiDcudi"']what?[/quote]

  3. He's saying hot water filters more shit outta your bong hits than cold water does.
  4. [quote name='"mrgoodsmoke"']He's saying hot water filters more shit outta your bong hits than cold water does.[/quote]

    Thank you

    :p this forum is all a bunch of stoners- I wonder why?

  5. you just posted in wrong section
  6. [quote name='"420biker"']

    you just posted in wrong section[/quote]

    Ah- where would this be located?

    Sorry, I'm new, high, and checked all sections. This seemed like the most appropriate as most safety concious advanced smokers would already know this, or have a vaporizer already, or simply not care and prefer to hit bongs.

    If a moderator has time now, please move this thread to the correct section. Thank you.
  7. i read this like ten times and still dont get it
  8. [quote name='"HeBrEwBeAr"']
    i read this like ten times and still dont get it[/quote]

    Hot water filters the non active ingredients in smoke more then cold water... People use colder water for bongs sometimes- sometimes they say it is healthier as well. It just hits smoother.
  9. did anyone one else open this, see how long it is, think

    *im too high to read anything this long"

    and skip it ? lol
  10. [quote name='"TheZodiac"']did anyone one else open this, see how long it is, think

    *im too high to read anything this long"

    and skip it ? lol[/quote]

    :p I assume so, this forum doesn't even have a character post limit it seems :D
  11. Im high as hell and im still having trouble reading this

  12. Only if you replace *im too high to read anything this long* with *im not high enough to understand what the fuck is trying to be said*

    I'll go rip the bong and see if I can get high enough for this to make sense.
  13. Your first sentence is a damn lie that does not look brief at all. Whats up with all theses novels on GC tonight?

  14. thats what im wondering lol
  15. i couldn't follow what you're trying to say. at the end you're not even talking about water haha
  16. #18 TheZodiac, Nov 23, 2011
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2011
    the cake is a lie

    so is this statement

    "I'm stoned at the moment, so this will be brief"
  17. [quote name='"TheZodiac"']

    "I'm stoned at the moment, so this will be brief"

    this is a lie :rolleyes:[/quote]

    Sorry children, but I'm used to novel posts. I'm other things besides a stoner. I wanted to make it poignant, I believe I achieved an in-depth explanation...

    If you want, I'll reclarify

  18. rant on:

    Damn a bunch of fucking anal ass people posting tonight.

    Whats the deal with people posting like fucking immature 15 year olds. Pointing out every little detail you can get your hands on??

    I for one enjoyed learning this. I don't know if it's 100% accurate or not, but damn why are most people even wasting their precious ass time posting on this thread if it's just negative.

    rant off

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