Clairvoyance or Imagination?

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  1. Last night while being super ripped,
    I had this closed-eye vision of 2 of my friends having a secret affair. :confused:

    It was completely out of the blue, because I was zoning out pretty badly about other things too.

    I also know that the future can always change through different factors, making my vision useless.

    Now I'm just curious as to:

    1) Does marijuana have the ability to project hidden abilities of a being?
    2) Was I just tripping badly?
    3) Do the Myers-Briggs personality typology relate to everyone's specific talent?

  2. This is kind of a roundabout answer so i'll apologize in advance.
    I generally beleive time isn't as linear as we beleive, but as linear beings we experience it as such. This explains deja-vu and why you can see things in dreams which happen down the exact same detail later in life.
    Sometimes in sleep or in deep meditation (or being balls to the wall high) you see lots of things of a possible future that could fraction off in any direction like the path from the trunk of a bonsai tree to the tip of a branch. Some happen to be true, some don't.

    Again, sorry if that didn't help much, I just thought it was relevant.
  3. Time is cylical, but it is such a large circle that our perspective of it makes it seem like a line.
  4. So in a way you two are defining it;

    Visions are just perceptions of events during a life cycle.
    It may or may not happen depending on our own specific choices that will ultimately influence the future?

    I'm still confused. :confused:
  5. Your choices, other's choices, natural events. The universe and the infinite realities that exist and splinter at every descicion are bigger than us, what you see is a definite future, but not neccasarily ours.

    Just my theory anyway :D
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  6. Amazing words. Thanks for your insight. ;)
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    No this is not clairvoyant. Clairvoyant is the ability to gather information about something or someone using means other than the known human senses. They provide you the right path for your future. What you are talking about is just your imagination.
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  8. Why should the relationship you assume to exist between these two friends be labeled as a 'secret affair'? You said it was a CEV. So while you were super high, you imagined there was a 'secret affair' between the two.. right? Which implies a hidden relationship that is closer than your average friendship, potentially one that might exclude others.

    Who is excluded from this affair?

    Completely out of the blue? While you were zoned out with your eyes close? You had a lack of cognitive function, as in sleeping, then BAM! out of the blue you were envisioning this interaction between two people you are familiar with? Can you elaborate on what you felt you were 'zoning out pretty badly' about?

    You say that you know the future can change. Can you expand upon how you came to this insight? How do you differentiate between an immutable future, and one that may mutate through different factors?

    1) I would suppose it's a possibility, though I would personally not believe it until it made sense to me.
    2) huh? Specific talent? I don't know of anywhere that the M-B personalities point to specific talents so I can't really give an opinion on that.

    Sorry for not providing any answers. I'm just a little confused.
  9. Oh god
    I'm 7.5 years too late to make any sense
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  10. I'd be convinced by a clairvoyant if they could predict something truly amazing - like the lottery numbers. None seem able to do this though. I believe that the majority of clairvoyants are fully aware that they don't truly have a magical ability, but rather they are exploiting others for their own personal gain. John Edwards comes to mind.

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