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Discussion in 'Pets' started by Ghostiepilot, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Mine's probably a cat.
    Sneaky and intelligent.
    Lazy but agile.
    They know when to get shit done but also know when it's time to blaze! I mean relax.
    Not blaze lol. Cats don't blaze.

  2. Hm, mine is snake. Cold, dangerous and magnificent.
  3. a deer

    bf said that he had a dream once where i kept turning into bambi and running away lol bye bich [​IMG]
  4. Who told you they don't?

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  5. Mines the vulture. Represents wisdom and only kills when it absolutely has to!
  6. Mine is a very small desert lizard. I met and talked to him many years ago during a 72 hour meditation retreat.
  7. Mine is a chinchilla because why not haha
  8. hammerhead shark
  9. Koala . they consume green intoxicating leaves all day

  10. Mine is definitely a dragonfly, they're always near water, they're social and every time I go near water they will swarm around me and even land on my arms and hands when I invite them in. My friends just stand there bewildered that they won't come near them. I can't explain it but they're attracted to me and me to them. I was in a sweat lodge session w/a real Native American-btw I'm half Cherokee and we took peyote and rediscovered the universe together yet our individual experiences were our own. I swear he turned to me at one point and said " The dragonflies were protecting me"! The crazy thing is that not one time did I mention animal spirits or dragonflies!!! We were in their to just chill and cleanse our bodies and minds. I now truly believe in animal spirits because for one reason or the other I always end up near or in the water when I go hiking or camping. Amazing-everywhere I go I have hundreds of beautiful guardian angels!!! Nice thread, Peace!

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  11. giant tortis man, slow, easy and really chill.
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  12. If it's imaginary I would be a unicorn. But if you mean a real animal I would be a dog
  13. someone bet me to it. tiger or lion
  14. fried chicken

    but seriously id say like monkey
  15. Twan from R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet"
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