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  1. Hello
    So, we had some random seeds for a while and then got a bag of Sour Diesel and wow, it had over 50 seeds in it.... Score!
    Alright, I want to grow these on a fixed income. After researching, MH lights $15 each 400w, got 4 (In case 1 didn’t work ) 3x6 cold storage in basement, plenty of power, stealth ventilation (under porch), seeds, homer buckets, organic miracle grow soil, a starter pack of GH and a fan. So for under $150 we had a pretty good first grow!

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  2. Oh yeah, I did get a 4” carbon filter for $35 on amazon and $30 for 2 conversion bulbs on 1000Bulbs when switching to flower. I had a decent booster fan from a furnace that worked awesome $0.
  3. The bulb starts lifestyles as uncooked materials and we want x amount of glass and y quantity of tungsten, and other metals. The standard bulb producer employs a hundred personnel to make 1000 bulbs that would suggest an average of 1/10 of a person per bulb. The bulb has to then be shipped to the store. Assuming the delivery organization employs.

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