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    Anyone? I personally think the CKY series is a billion times better than the Jackass series. If I had to choose a best, I think I'd say CKY2K or CKY 3.

    So, CKY fans, post your favorite stunts here. I'd have to say mine is the shit dollar, the one where they drop the mannequin on the guys car from the small bridge, or the prank phone call that Brandon did to that Asian-sounding.
  2. I used to watch all those cky videos religiously. I think im gonna see what limewire can get me for cky videos
  3. CKY2K all the way baby all the fuckin way.
  4. haha the original. me and my friends used to watch it all the time.
  5. i agree, way funnier than jackass

    the beastman and skelator skit was hilarious
  6. Remember when Jackass was using all of the old CKY material early on? One of the best stunts they did was when Margera pissed on his Dad's face whilst he was sleeping. Holy shit I would beat the shit out of my kid if he did that lol, but his Dad was pretty calm about it.
  7. Yeah, I think it was in Viva La Bam that his mom said he does that stuff to his dad because he doesn't want to lose him :confused:

    But I used to love CKY, all the random shit they did. Man I remember the shit dollar....funny funny shit.
  8. Damn I remember that shit from middle school. Me and my buddies even made our own video... if only I still had it I'd post a link.
  9. I think once the CKY era had arrived, everyone did that :p
  10. CKY2K was the shit!
  11. Dude was gagging once he realized that was shit on his hands :laughing:, he signed the release though for $100.
  12. I have the Cky DVD set. Pretty sweet imo. Skate boarding and getting into shenanigans. :cool:
  13. I am going to bump this thread. I just downloaded CKY2K and CKY 3. I can't get the first one anywhere, which I now think is the best lol.
  14. YES.

    Search for landspeed, not cKy 1.
  15. disengage the simulator and close yet far are their tightest songs...

    oh guys are talking about their movies, not music.

  16. sorry for the double post but this shit was so funny. bam asks him to sign it..

    random guy, " who puts shit on a fucking dollar bill? fuck you guys. fuck you! you're a dick! you're a dick! 100 dollars? let me see the money. you got a fuckin hundred dollars..."
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    I think i can speak for everyone in this thread and say its reminds me alot of how i spent my youth.because i too would skate for hours on end,come inside,watch cky2k,go skate for a couple more hours.Its not just something i liked,, its apart of me.I remember the first concert i ever went to in my life was CKY in detroit. Its pure nostalgia.To be 100% honest with you guys it makes me kind of sad watching that shit its reminds me so much of my childhood.
  18. i remember when that shit came out. those were back in the days when i would skate all day, then smoke all night.. ahh how easy highschool was.. one of my good friends back then, we called him goosecock..
  19. the band was awesome

    Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild was the shit
  20. Oh man, don't get me started on how awesome IDR is.

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