Civilian pulls over cop for speeding, messes with him

Discussion in 'General' started by 420420420, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. That dude has problems :)
  2. Wow....

    That cop was hella nice... I've seen some shitty ass cops in my day and wow... Guy got lucky he didn't get a huge dick cop.. Fucker coulda went out to the middle of nowhere took his video camera and beat him senseless..

    The dude has some balls.
  3. yeah, i dunno what to say to this.
  4. Yeah it takes balls to do that.

    My friend's dad pulled over a cop for cutting us off. The cop says "pull over", then my friends dad says "NO, you pull the fuck over, do you know who I am?"

    He is a retired officer injured in the line of duty. As soon as his last name popped out, they took off.

    I was shitting bricks because I had weed in my pocket.
  5. lma omg, the cop was just speechless :laughing: busted
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    hahaha that was hilarious i love how he calls him cop as if its his name.
  7. this guy got lucky
  8. If i did that in my area they would break both of my legs and throw me in some kudzu to die.
  9. whats your area?
  10. That guy got some fucking balls.
  11. Damn OMG that guy got so luck, Virginia police are pussies, Denver police shot a mentally challenged kid holding a game boy.

    Denver police would drove to a discreet location have broke the fuck out of the camera and beat your ass peed in your mouth then sprinkled some crack on you and arrested you intent to sell crack rocks. But you can smoke weed in front of them.

    Lol just kidding they aren't that bad but im sure if you did that to the DPD they would have gotten your camera and left you without evidence.
  12. Wow.
    Not really much to say to that.
  13. So god damn stupid.
  14. Man this has to be fake. I can't believe a cop would just let this guy have a video camera in his face. It seems like any other cop would have broken his camera or put this dude in jail for something.
  15. This was posted a few weeks ago. There was a pretty long thread about it. I find it hilarious how the responses are much different this time around. Just goes to show mob mentality is very true :D
  16. That sir takes alot of balls to do.

  17. holy shit really?

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