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civil rights commission Obama appointee is confirming voter intimidation

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dronetek, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Again, why do you care? Why do you care about an act passed half a century ago to protect black people from disenfrachisement in a situation where no one is being disenfranchised? Are you that afraid of your fellow man?

    Thank you for still providing no video evidence of racial slurs being shouted or people being physically held back from voting and instead posting a video of some dude, once again, just standing there.

  2. Even the people trying to down play it admit there were people turned away. Several of the witnesses are also making that claim, including

    Voter Intimidation, New Black Panther Style | The Heritage Foundation

    Read above.
  3. You know what would be awesome? If you frothed about like David Icke EVERY DAY regarding some non-existent liberal media conspiracy, but then you at the same time constantly backed up your wharrgarbl with direct links to "news" organizations that go out of their way, and I mean it's IN THEIR MISSION STATEMENT, to be partisan.

    Yeah, that'd be something, wouldn't it?

    Lucky for all of us a fine upstanding Mensa member with such a staggeringly high IQ and the power to deem others "relevant" or "irrelevant" as they see fit would never do anything so absurdly hypocritical.

    We few proud subjugated honkeys are fortunate to have you as our standard-bearer.

  4. LOLOLOL I didn't even realize he was using the Heritage Foundation as a source ... can you say plant? jk jk jk, just a brainwashed republican fronting as an "unbiased libertarian" ... save the rhetoric Dronetek
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    Yeeeeah, how did you miss the links to the court transcripts right above this post? Are the Civil Rights Commission records too partisan for you?


    Dont let me stop you from deluding yourselves though.
  6. The guy wasn't asking about census workers, he was saying white babies. So he asked the Black Panther leader if he was really going to kill white babies and he replied, no for the sake of this interview, no, not in that context and I will not say that, because just saying it makes me unable to act.(Paraphrasing but thats what he said) And then he goes on to say there are more white threats that should be dealt with instead of babies, such as the police.

    I would like to see what the people look like that are trying to defend these individuals because I can't see how anyone in their right mind would agree with their behavior.
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    There is absolutely every reason to reveal something that could vindicate what your saying when everyone is accusing you of self pity, or self victimization, and when people are attacking every angle of information you provide, instead of taking it in processing it, and actually drawing a well though out conclusion. Instead many of you choose to say " LOOK WHERE THIS IDIOT GOT THE INFORMATION FROM!!" " WOW YOUR SO REPUBLICAN ITS SICKENING" Blah blah blah blah, none of that offers any reasoning as to WHY the information is inaccurate. ALL media is biased, its controlled by people after all, and people will always be biased. Yes, even the outlets that you fox haters subscribe to are BIASED. The point of using these media sources is to amass

    I have not once seen dronetek complain about affairs going on in his own personal life, and then saying that other races are at fault, or blaming other people for his own issues. THAT would be dronetek self victimizing. God i would hate to see the uproar created if every time a black person claimed rasicm, white people just claimed "self victimization."

    Dronetek is looking in a direction that everyone who have been brainwashed to think that all white are racist, are afraid to look in. He is looking at PEOPLE being racist, and PEOPLE being biased, and you guys are getting offended that white people are not the only ones involved. Because white people are the scourge of earth, they must be behind everything. Anyone thats not a rich white republican capitalist worm, MUST have good reason to be biased and rasict.

    I actually commend dronetek for continued effort to make you guys understand what he sees, even though you have clearly proven you don't want to even try.

    LMAO @ aka FIELD ***** As if this guy has ANY idea what that plight was like. propoganda for angry young men who are easily swayed, im afraid to see how many fans he has collected.
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    Troll post? If so then very good, you are highly skilled. Good part about claiming that Libertarians are racist.

    If this isn't a troll post, then it is quite possibly the most uniformed post I have ever seen on Grasscity. Maybe other posts where people claim to smoke from plastic are more uniformed, but i dunno. Racist Libertarian cronies, man that is pure gold.

    Ty for the laughs wether it is a troll post or not its going in my sig

    Everyone beware of the racist Libertarian cronies they are everywhere! Just like ManBearPIG! I swear!
  9. Are you super cereal?
  10. I forsee this thread 'going places'.
  11. I am very super cereal. Man Bear Pig and his Racist Libertarian cronies patrol everywhere. They might even be on this forum :eek:
  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Yzh6hpTps]YouTube - Congressman Brad Sherman(D) Claim No Knowledge of Black Panther Intimidation Case Dismissed by DOJ[/ame]

    This is the type of shit that infuriates me. Watch how he lies and claims hes never hear of the black panther case. He does this because he knows the media isn't reporting on it. These guys create their own little reality and hope that it catches on. They think they have the power to manipulate perceptions through repetitive lying.

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