Civil Disobedience: 100,000 Gun owners become felons over night in defiance of Connecticut law

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  2. Lol
    Register this
  3. They can shove those gun laws up their fucking asses. Americans aren't registering shit to have them taken away.
  4. The amount of people who refused to take part in this + all of the people refusing to take part in the ACA = winning Lolz
  5. Thank.god some americans are still smart.

    I cant believe anyone registered at all.

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  6. Fuck yeah. I bet some of the people that did register feel dumb now.
    :laughing:  This had me laughing so hard my coffee about came out through my nose.  :laughing:
  8. Excellent Mr monk
  9. They will be dragging me out in a bag before I ever register one of my guns.. Thank god I'm not from that state. The whole point of a registry is so they can keep track of every gun so when the day does comes when they ban guns they know where to find them. Well if that day come they better be ready!!
  10. The purpose of the second ammendment is to give the free people a defense against a corrupt government. This is an undisputible historical fact that is also common knowlege and taught in liberal public schools.

    The government cannot force you to register your guns (fifth ammendment) nor can they stop you from buying them (2nd ammendment)

    The fact that they are trying so hard to do so, is proof that we need the 2nd and 5th ammendment more than ever.

    Even the foinding fathers said that we wont need the second ammendment untill they try to take it away

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  11. It will be interesting to see what happens in NYS. All "assault" weapons must be registered by April 15, according to the "SAFE" (sic) Act signed into law in January 2013.
    From what I've heard, so far, nobody's paying much attention to it.
  12. I think you have me confused. I was simply stating my own opinion, not stating any facts or anything. I just think that we should require someone to register their guns. The reason is... in case of a crime, the gun serial number can be traced back to the owner. I believe this will help crime rates. I also believe though that if your gun is registered then you should be able to have them, and do as you want, at long as it is legal within law. Im a gun owner and i believe this is fair. Im not trying to get rid of the amendments at all, just opinions.
    Do you know the meaning of "infringed"?
  14. Yes, are you suggesting i want to break the law? I respect the law, i simply disagree with it, but i still obey it. Did you know that in America, you can voice your opinions?
    LMAO. Never mind.
  16. the whole reason guns have a serial number is to trace to the 'legal owner'...something they already do.
    so, if there is no legal owner then who do they trace this serial number too?
    registration only impedes the law abiding citizens, disarming the people so only criminals have guns.
    with a little help from the law...cartels can get anything...
  17. What? Dumb it down for me.
  18. Are you seriously using wikipedia for a source, find another one plz, then ill actually read it.
    I don't have the energy or interest.

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