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Civil court

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, May 16, 2003.

  1. Last summer I was going through a deep depression, and ended up attempting suicide. I ended up being sent to a mental ward. I was held there against my will for 9 days, during which they hardly helped me, I couldn't smoke weed, and they made me take Effexor, even though it made me sick. For those 9 days in the hospital, I ran up a bill of $9,000. I didin't have the money to pay for it then (I also think it's stupid to make me pay for something I didn't want), and I sure don't have the money now.

    So here's the thing;
    I got a letter from the sheriff saying I'm being sued in civil court for the $9,000 and 6% interest per annum since 3/18/03. I don't know what to do! I don't have a lawyer or the money to settle. Also, it sounds a little crazy that they are suing a mental patient...I mean, do they want to try and kill myself again?

    But, if anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it :D

    I'm very scared right now.
  2. you can come live with me....
    seriously, that sounds like a load of crap. Those people sound like dickheads.. Theres not much you can do. If you don't have the money, you can't fight the system.. and the system will probably win anyway.. You might have to leave the county..
  3. That really sucks. Hold people against their will and then charge them for it? "

    Hi, I'm you're kidnapper. This kidnapping will last 9 days and cost $9000. You are not allowed to smoke, but you must take these pills. Thanks for your cooperation. Oh and one more thing, if you don't pay, we'll sue you."

    That's total BS right there.
  4. Heres what you do hun..... white-out your name, put my name instead on the bill/letter and send it to my bastard father in maryland. He'll think I was thrown in another hospital, sigh, and then pay the bill. Hes so fucking loaded, I swear he wipes his ass with 20's. But yeah. I think he could do with another bill, cause hes not paying us child support anymore, so he probably has lots more money now!!!! ha!!
  5. it sounds like you need to get a lawyer. it doesnt sound like something that you can and will be able to settle on your own. $9000 plus interest is a lot of money, and thats where retaining a lawyer comes in. I would start by interent or otherwise reasearching lawfirms specific in that area, and find one you feel comfortable with. once you fins one and consult with him, he can tell you that he will take the case because he feels that you have a case.
  6. my only advice for you is to try and find a good lawyer asap, you wont get anywhere without one, the deal sounds like complete and utter bullshit, and lawyers are good at showing courts that kinda stuff and getting the case thrown out.

    Good luck to you, I hope everything works out OK
  7. They can't make you pay what you don't have. They will bring a judgment against you, which basically means it will be on the record that you owe, but they can't put you in jail or anything for it. Don't worry about it. It's CIVIL court not criminal court.

    And Hempress....don't play with your life that way.


  8. not onlythat, but a lawyer will go for everything. which is way more than what you "owe"
  9. what i would do is get a good lawyer that works on a no win no fee basis and start a counter lawsuit, try to sue them for sticking you in there 9 days against your will and making you sick.....maybe it will frighten them to drop the case.......Peace out.........Sid

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