civic si... messed up block

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  1. so theres this guy selling a 96 si for 1500 bucks because he moved to puerto rico or something. but its so cheap because it got run without oil or something. how expensive would it be to fix? anyone with experience in this area? I've never dealt with something like this, but the deal is awesome. heres the ad civic si
  2. if the block is messed up u will more than likely need to replace the whole engine. No oil could mean HORRIBLE problems. Look for somethin else is my suggestion. Running a engine with no oil is like jacking off fast as you possibly can with go
  3. Buying that car is a terrible decision.

    It needs an engine. The block is the biggest part of the engine. If you don't know what that means, you're sure as hell not going to be able to fix it.

    I feel so bad when I see young people who want a hot car so bad they'll buy one w/ out a motor, or w/ 200k miles on it.

    Plus the damn thing is 14 years old man.
  4. first off, depending on the severity of the damage, you could possibly get away with changing the block. You can find a b16 block, or even a b20 block for a couple hundred. You can swap it out yourself (if you know what your doing).

    Ive owned several hondas, all 4 I swapped the motor personally. Hondas are the EASIEST cars to work on if you have a little car knowledge and a Haynes manual you'll be golden.

    look around though man, i found my civic for 1700, power everything, ac, 5 speed and in pretty good condition
  5. haha @ honduhs
  6. well it doesn't matter how many miles are on a honda, if you atleast properly tune them up every 3k miles or less they will last forever.
    My dad's accord has 350k and is still running strong, he would take that thing any where, and he drives it hard.
    If the op is mechanically inclined replacing the block would be no problem and he can probably get a jdm engine with less then 80k for 800 bucks or so, and a complete block for 400. With the aftermarket parts, 2000 front end conversion, and all the rest of the car is def worth it to any honda enthusiast. My 0.02. :smoke:
  7. no, Im no expert but I know my way around a car. I was just checking to see if there was any hope for that thing at all. I dont have the 5-10k i need for my project car, and I saw that and thought, shit, why not see what I could do. I dont mind it being 14 years old, I actually have an affinity for older hondas. I just wont buy anything with more than 100k on any parts. Its usually pretty easy to find something with 50-70k and a rebuilt engine/tranny/suspension etc, anyway thanks to everyone for giving me some advice
  8. I think since you know how to fix shit you should get the car. its an excellent deal. Before you buy it and replace the block, i suggest taking a good look at it. look underneath, under the hood, make sure it's really as good as it seems to be.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I think it's interesting!
  11. good news, honda engines are everywhere except for wal-mart...for now, and extremely cheap. all together you could buy the car and replace the engine for less than 5k (including labor)
  12. lol not to mention that honda never made a civic si coupe in 1996. steer way clear.
  13. lol you're right. damn ricers making up cars and selling to non-car people
  14. ^ If you read the craigslist ad it clearly states that it is a 96 Civic EX with Si bumpers, headlights, etc.
  15. we dont read the craigslist ad. were high and or drunk. the title says "1996 civic si" no such thing exists....
  16. put a k20 in that bitch.
  17. i bet it threw a rod. stay away from it
  18. Blah blah blah. It's not a '96 Civic si. It's a '96 Civic, probably an ex. It has the Si front bumper and a pretty list of aftermarket mods. It prolly has a D16Y8 in it, but runnin it w/out oil means their'll be piston damage. For 1500 I'd jump on it. Buy a D16 V-tec or B16 V-tec for between 1200 and 1800, either of which will drop str8 in. D16 is from the 94-00 civic si's and B16 is from the Acura Integra Type R. I <3 Japanese Motorsprts!! :hello:
  19. This.

    The OP can do what ever he wants to do...if he wants to spend the money on a swap he can.

    I wouldnt buy that car anyway...probabaly was beat to shit

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