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City Smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Banks Fan, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. Does anyone else here gather from experience that city smokers are a lot more sophisticated and know more about bud? Compared to rural smokers that is.

    It seems that a lot of "rural smokers" sell shitty mids and have attitudes. I live in NYC and up here most people are really chill and sophisticated about their bud.
  2. "Rural smokers" are probably growing a ton of weed outdoors.

    "City smokers" are probably growing dank in their closet.

    The difference is obvious.
  3. But like personality wise too, don't you notice that city smokers (like myself) are a lot more sophisticated and cool about their smoking? And not like red-neck stoner stuff?
  4. I'm a city smoker over here in Philly. The suburbs right outside the city aren't red-neck either but the ones out in the middle of nowhere definitely are. I think it's because they're less exposed to weed. It depends on the state too.
  5. so we meet again caty :hello:
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    Up in chicago the city gets far better dank then the suburbs. The suburbs still get dank its just not as nice as the city. In southern Illinois you get the benefit of growers. Which means cheaper prices and much higher quantities. If I drive 4 hours I can pick up ounces of high mids to beasters for 75 an ounce. I don't do it cause I'd rather walk 2 blocks and pick up a half o of dank for 150.

    oops hit enter too early.

    Southern has a shit load of growers, growers know A LOT about weed. I know a few guys who grow pounds of bud to sell and grow small amounts of dank very nicely for themselves. They don't care very much about profits anymore.

    People in the city just know how to not get ripped off, how to not get popped off, stuff like that. More street knowledge vs book knowledge.
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    rural smokers are growing pounds and pounds of weed which supplies cities like yours.
    just because your from the city does not mean shit typical stereotype of us southerners. & i prob know more about weed than you do any day of the week.
  8. I don't have any real experience with "rural" smokers, mainly because i don't really spend a lot of time out in the middle of bum fuck nowhere. I am in the burbs where there seems to be a mix of good and bad, and since i know where to find the good, i stick to it.
    My experience in the city is that the bud is better but the people tend to be jackasses about it. like charging me per hit when we're just chillin. or insisting that theirs is the dankest of the dank when its just as good as i get.

    That being said...everyone seems to think their stuff is the best. instead of caring whos got the best u should just smoke it and get high.
  9. i aint know wat u talkin bout boy but i know i aint smokin no fuckin schwag weed i only smoke the best mids and im from the cuntry. i best be gettin the best mexican weed around or ima call up jerry and beat his girlfriend, rape his sister and get me my damn two hundred dollars back for that eighth i picked up of them dank mids!
  10. Basically I think there's good weed everywhere. You just need to know where to look.
  11. hahahahah i found this pretty funny :).

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