City of Villains

Discussion in 'General' started by 3sh@m, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Anybody play it? My opinion, it blows WoW out of the water :) I have both games but CoV OWNES! most ppl that play WoW would disagree becuase they just aint knowing. If you like MMORPG games this is a great one to get. that goes to all you WoW fags :D
  2. ive gotten 4 chars to 60 on wow and im so sick of that game and its horrible pvp

    ive played CoH but never the erxpansion, whats it add? CoH was getting old around lv20 somethin
  3. City of Villains(CoV) is a bit better, you dont have to keep going in the same cave like City of Heroes(CoH). this time they mixed it up. what i like about this game is that they dont have pvp servers. there pvp parts in the world so that means its all in one server :)
    Also i think CoV goes up agains CoH wich seems pretty intresting. If anybody wants a free 14day for City of Heroes(CoH) just pm me and ill hook it up with the free trial key. I got 2 of them. (need credit card to activate.)<---- If you dont have a credit card, dont bother to ask. Please correct me if im wrong. Ill give you the link to download the game also :)
  4. I was never able to the the NoCD.exe to work.

    Screw paying for it.
  5. I have 3 60's in WoW, and 2 lvl 40's in CoV , I dun play wow anymore, because like you said CoV is way more fun, I play on Triumph server and have my own Villain group called Dante's infernals
  7. Oh i would say about a month of casual playing, but my buddy power levels me
  8. :eek:
  9. City of heroe's and city of villains rock, but are way to addictive. The team expierience of Coh is better than cov IMO. I11 ill be out any day, im playin it on beta.

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