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City gas vs. fruit pack

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ev1008, May 5, 2016.

  1. So basically the point of this thread is to clear up a couple theories and questions I have about strains and potency. Here in Atlanta the favorite smoke is called gas. Not sure what the exact strain is but it is usually dense, light green with orange hairs and sometime maybe a little darker in color. The bud smells like pine sol or some sort of gasoline. It's basically what everyone in Atlanta is smoking due to pop culture. You can literally get this kind of weed anywhere in the city for around 10$ a gram and no it's not mid grade. It is a very strong head high and is quite portent m, however out here fruity types of bud are almost looked down upon and are not considered gas. What exactly is this gas strain? And why does it seem to be so much more potent than the fruity bigger type of buds? Let me know if anyone else in the Atlanta area knows what I'm talking about and what u prefer.
  2. Who knows what that gas strain is? Nobody. It's just a made up think and there are a dozen or so different strains that smell like you suggest. Why are people frowning on fruity smelling strains? Again, who knows. None of this has anything to do with reality, it's 100% about perception between the buyers and the sellers, and for some reason your market has gotten a big ol' bug in it's ass that this 'gas' is the shit and everything else is just shit. That's all opinion. Go smoke what you want.
  3. Agreed the market here heavily favors gas. And everyone does have a different opinion of what has is but if you meet some of the more prominent sellers u will find that the weed considered to be gas is just weed that has an extremely skunky smell rather than a fruity or exotic smell. And to be honest I prefer the skunky head high weed more.
  4. gas is most likely Sour D, D for Diesel. Fruity is probably a lineage of Jack Herer. Any time you smell Jack, you know the phenotype.
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  5. I think you might be overthinking this. Here gas just means high quality aka dank. 15/g here :(

    I usually give no fucks as long as its dank...lime usually, pungent, somewhat dense, and has trichomes aka crystals.
  6. Strain?

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  7. Lol the gas argument must be an Atlanta thing I guess
  8. If it smells like fuel it's probably diesel strain.
    Taken from leafly, looks an awful lot like sour diesel to me.

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