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City appreciation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. i would just like to say that the city is one of the only things that is keeping me from going completely insane.

    as long as all is well i'm fine, but

    -if marijuana was made illegal
    -if kurt cobain died
    -or if the city shut down

    i would be out of it. my life would litterially crumble into a pile of charred ashes. box me up.
  2. ya, a while back when i was the most depressed like for years..(i just got over it actually like a week ago) i would think about suicide every day, and i had a gun, within inched of my head, but i didnt pull it, you guys here are to me are best friends, i need you, you help me through so much! no matter what happens i know your here for me, thanks a lot!!!
  3. The city is what keeps alot of us going.

    Praise SJ for keeping it up and running for us!!!
  4. But I thought whoring is whoring where ever you are!!!!
  5. I've found on linux forums people aren't as ready to bullshit around as they are on the city. I hung around a couple linux forums and got tired of it. I'll prolly start hanging around them again when I reinstall linux again. I fucked it up last year before I left school and have been too lazy to fix it.
  6. You're all a part of me now.
  7. The city will always be my "PICK ME UPPER"
  8. gc is B A D A S S!
  9. this place r0x hard... it really does. U all are the shit, and if anyone ever says differnt, blow a hit of weed in they're face n tell em to suck ur fatty :p

  10. lol...sounds like something out of a horror movie..especially with the understand ya though! n I feel ya, i'd be alot less without the City.
  11. Shit I pass up great smoke opportunities just to post here. I love it! Thanks to those who bring us the GC forums!! Now is one opportunity I cant pass up, the smoke before reruns of cops in the middle of the night session is about to begin. pee sout.

    edit: 444, 2/3's the number of the beast.
  12. ye can tell the city is a huge part of your life when you start quoting various members words and even their sigs to the people you have to deal with ofline as the regular form of comunication.

    yeah, it'll b no suprise to you all to hear that i too love the city, and all the blades. I'm another who's suffered from depression, and even just really low or upsetting times (worst of which was the thought the city might be taken away from me! lol) but the city is there for me... i am now a simbiant within the city, and the city is a simbiant within me. each has infected each other.

    ... uhh.. wait... i'm saying i cant live witout the city??? ... oh man, i love the city so much i've become delusional about it! if the city died tomorow, i'd get a shitload more done to help legalise cannabis for all its uses globally and maybe a bit more to help set up a new form of socialism and set things straight in the world.

    damn city. holding me back. :p

    ... to quote bill hicks as he impersonated... quale i think it was.... and doing the actions too "They held me back"

  13. It was a song lyric, hence the italics :D

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