Citizen pulls over cop. Hell yea fuck the police

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  1. Citizen's arrests date back to medieval times. They are arrests made by a person who is not acting as a sworn law-enforcement official. Generally, citizens are encouraged to be mindful of unlawfulness and to take action when they see it.

    In an attempt to bring attention to the issue of unlawful traffic stops by police impersonators, Gavin Seim of Washington state flagged down a police officer.

    The former Republican congressional candidate and self-proclaimed "liberty speaker" stopped a Washington state police officer last week because he was driving an unmarked vehicle.

    Gavin Seim for Congress
    Seim asked the officer if it was a registered unmarked vehicle for undercover work.

    When the officer replied that it was a patrol car, Seim informed him of the law, saying, "You're not allowed to have patrol cars that are unmarked, are you aware of that?"

    In the state of Washington, police are allowed to drive unmarked vehicles for special undercover work but not for regular patrols. This is not a national law.

    Seim then went through all the normal steps of a traffic stop: taking the officer's name and asking to see his license. Then after a lengthy discussion about the law, Seim let him off with a warning. He urged the officer to speak with his bosses about their illegal patrol cars.

    As odd as this may seem, Seim explains that he has a reason for this type of activism. He says that police using unmarked vehicles for regular patrols puts citizens in danger, because people can never be sure if they're being pulled over by actual cops. On his blog he wrote, "If you think it's not a serious issue, try asking those that have been raped or lost loves [sic] ones because of unmarked cars."

    Fuck those pigs. They want to pull us over, waist our time because of their bullshit, I would vote for this guy.
    I never been pulled over by an unmarked car, I think I would drive for a while and call 911 and fuck with the guy and after I verify he is a real cop (or she) ill be very nice and annoying to the guy.

    Get a real cop car. Stop trying to hide. Cops are to serve and protect. How is someone going to recognize help if your trying to hide?? I remember when I grew up all the cops cars in my town had a blue light on top of the cars

    one of my old bosses wife was raped by an impersonating cop....I remember the next day at work after it happened, nicest guy, most law abiding persons e know, was not anymore
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    i saw this yesterday.... i thought it was hilarious
    however ... why the fuck the police in the title?
    once again... not all police are the bad guys
    Intention and methodology are different things. Some LEO's do have genuinely good intentions, but by acting as the strong-arm of the state, their methodology is inherently flawed and harmful for society.
  4. like I said not all cops are bad cops
  5. Like he said though there is a lot about being a cop that is inherently flawed. Ego is by and large one of the most glaring when you provide a citizen many resources to govern another citizen.

    That being said, we do need cops. I just wish only the best people we have to offer decided to be cops.
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    inherently flawed ?
    sounds like an ignorant excuse blame all police good or bad...
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    Policing needs to be privatized, along with the 'justice system'. No one can watch the watchers, so there needs to be competition within the enforcement class and legal system. As long as the State holds a monopoly on force and creation/enforcement of law, then there will be no accountability, and the creation of legislation will remain a tool of those who are able to buy off politicians and puppet the government. If people are able to voluntarily enter into enforceable contracts, and those contracts are upheld by competing legal agencies and arbitration services, then there will be a greater distribution of powers and choice.
    In our current system, there is no one to watch the watchers, and there is little to no liability involved for the enforcement class. When individuals in the enforcement class is investigated and, in the rare case he/she/they is/are charged with wrongdoing, the expenses are dumped on the tax-payers and the officer(s) is/are usually transferred to another department (if not suspended/placed on administrative leave/or given 'desk work').
    I could go into more detail, and offer some videos describing how a privatized legal system (law without the state) would work, but maybe this is appropriate for another thread.
  8. good story!
  9. great topic for Pandora's Box!
  10. Someone will be inspired to try this and get knight sticked the fuck up.

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  11. I say fuck the corrupt cops. The ones that abuse thier power. But there are good cops too. I need the police. I just don't need thier corruption.
  12. Police definitely should not be allowed to patrol undercover.
    About 4 years ago, working at 4 am across town.  Rode my bike to work in the middle of winter as my truck was in the shop.  Riding on the sidewalk, trying to stay warm.  Car cuts me off and I slam into his front fender, first thought, I am getting jumped, second thought I am going to kick this guys ass. 
    Fucking cop comes out of the car and asks me what I was doing at this hour (about 3:15am).  I tell him I am going to work at blah blah and after a 5 minute conversation I get to go.  Had to walk my bike as the tire was messed up, freezing now because I fell in the snow.  Cop follows me all the way to work.  I got there 25 minutes late and got fired.  I have zero respect for that guy and truly hope karma got him back, or that he burns in hell.
  13. Fuck 95% of cops there mostly scum.
  14. you know for an ABSOLUTE FACT 95% huh...
     wow ..
    ( this is where i break out laughing Hysterically )
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    Privatized law enforcement would actually be much worse. Companies could lobby them to go after specific people or organizations instead of treating everyone equally (in most cases).
    There is already privatized law enforcement in some areas of the world.
    Are you talking about loss of life or property? A method of extracting revenue, or taking people's lives?
    I think when people imagine a society where policing is entirely privatized, they automatically assume that the market standard will be something like Black Water.
  17. no there's a reason I didn't say it was a fact because it was an assumption.
  18. Saw this a couple days ago.. It's pretty cool but at the end of the day it's really.. Really stupid.

    So he essentially pointlessly pulled over a cop. Just.. Cause he can. He wasn't trying to serve justice or fix anything he did the entire thing to get hits on YouTube.

    If he'd really cared at all about what he was doing he'd have called the police station and really made a stink. Non undercover cops driving around in unmarked cars is REALLY fucked. Especially since it seemed that officer was on traffic duty.

    I like guys standing up for their rights but I HATE them acting LIKE the police. Oh ya so you broke the rules n shit but ya,. I'm gunna let you off with this one. That dude probably pulled over 5 or 6 people that day in that fucking undercover. I bet he wasn't as nice to the people he was writing speeding tickets to as this kid was to him and he doesn't have a thing happen to him but "scolded" by some young guy.

    If the kid was really doing this cause it's his civic duty he would have talked to other police officers and dealt with this through the department. But instead he took the video and just posted it to the Internet where more than likely nothing tangible will actually come of this. Bleh.

    Entire thing was poorly executed.
  19. We've been given no evidence to the contrary.

    We've got IED proof vehicles at fucking elementary school. Why would this private law enforcement company not have top of the line military equipment consistently?

    Privatized Law enforcement is literally one of the worst ideas I've ever heard.

    I recognize the fact our police situation is FUCKED. I just do not see privatized enforcement being the answer.
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    I was at my best friend's house last month getting high and watching football. A knock on the door interrupted us and he went to answer it. It was a cop. He asked us 'what's going on guys?'. My buddy said 'nothing much...just sitting around getting high and watching football'. The cop said 'man...wish I could hang out today!'. He then told us there was a stray dog running around the neighborhood and if we could please call him if we see it. I love Colorado!

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