Citation While on Probation

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  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post. I come here in need of some advice. SO, long story short, I am on probation but the case is to be terminated on the 17th. I received a citation for "probable cause of possession of under 1/2 oz" (Cops found no bud, only the smell) but anyways, my court date is the 29th. Is there any way I can avoid the citation all together with my PO if the citation court date isn't until after im off probation? 

  2. Citation without possession or anything? What is this fuckery? Get a lawyer. There's no way that could possibly hold up. For god sake. It's October. It's harvest season. I drive down my street; one of my neighbors grows (no clue which one and I don't care to find out). That smell gets into my vents because I have my air on, because fucking California is still hot right now. My car smells like bud for like half an hour. I don't have bud. I didn't have bud. I've never smoked in my car. 
    There's no way that could possibly hold up. Fight it.
  3. ^Thanks for the quick reply. I AM getting a lawyer, but the thing im worried about is it fucking with my probation. I guess the real question im asking is since the citation court date is after my probation is terminated, can I "slip past" my PO without her knowing of it and deal with the two separately, and not have it count as a violation of probation?
  4. How can you get a citation for nothing?

    Mas details.
  5. Okay so it was at a checkpoint at 3 AM, me and my buddy where driving and we had about an eigth on us so as soon as we saw the lights we pulled a u turn and the cops followed us but we tossed all the bud out the window... we told them we had tossed out some bud because we were like fuck it lets be honest, but we were in possession of no bud. This is all irrelenvent though to my main question which was will having a citation court date of the 29 affect my probation that ends the 17th?
  6. This is all relevant because it will involve the state. Either you got a ticket for possession or not. Did the cops find evidence, or are they just going to use your word/statement/confession. Probable cause is what's needed to enter a premesis, or conduct a search, not a citeable offense.
  7. ahh I understand. They did not tell us whether they found our weed or not. But at that point, it is deniable whether it was ours or not, impossible even. At the time present of giving us the citation, the "arresting"? officers did NOT have any marijuana 

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