Cistern-Door Opener *Free Download* Experimental Electronic

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    Door Opener | Cistern

    Free experimental electronic music by yours truly.

    Let me know what you think.
  2. Alright, cmon guys. I'm offering free music just in exchange for some feedback. Just do me the favor.
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    I'm in homey, BTW SUNN RULES.

    EDIT: bandcamp taking forever to let me download, definitely going to listen to it tomorrow. from the first couple of minutes off the first track, I can tell it is something I will enjoy exploring

  5. Thanks man, definitely let me know what you think.
  6. This is just my opinion.. I think it's too long and repetitive. Needs more depth and creativity.

    It seems like you're trying too hard to be trippy. Find some good trippy settings, really explore the instrument, and see what just naturally comes to you, and let it flow.

  7. I hear ya man.

    To be honest I'm really not trying to be trippy at all. I'm attempting to create an atmosphere. This music takes a lot of what one might call "active listening" it's definitely not for everyone as well. I appreciate the advice though, you could definitely be right. I've only been doing this for like a couple of years if that.
  8. Nice im diggin it haha

    and to the guy saying sunn rules

    isnt that sunn 0))) the band? Not Sunn the amp company?

  9. Thanks man, I appreciate it.

    Yeah the sig is for Sunn O))) the "amplified guitar drone duo", not the amplifiers. Though I'm sure the amps are great too judging by the musicians who have used them through the years.
  10. I'm gonna go ahead and shamelessly bump this thread again because when you make wierd music you've gotta sort of shove it down their throats a bit.
  11. I just uploaded another track onto the album, making it 5 tracks as opposed to 4. Anybody who wants this next track feel free to download it and tell me what you think.

    Here's the single track, if you want the full album click the link at the top of the page and you'll see this new track along with the others.
  12. I didn't much care for the first three songs but when Grasping at the Straws of an Illusion Re-emerging came on it was as if I had been whisked away to some quiet clearing, the mountain air almost real enough to tickle my nose. It was a wonderful departure from the stuffy room I once again found my self in when the music stopped.

  13. Thanks man, I really appreciate it.

    Sorry you didn't enjoy the other pieces, but I'm glad you could appreciate at least one.

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