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  1. cleaner
    Well, while smegma might be less noticible, still having a foreskin doesn't make it dirtier. Modern bathing practices make this sort of irrelevant.
    Medical groups tend to disagree
    last longer in bed
    This really depends on the pwerson and would be quite hard to determine scientifically
    looks nicer
    Totally subjective. I think uncut looks nicer.
    feels nicer
    Again totally subjective. It's easier to masturbate an uncut cock, as the forskin slides over the head easily without lube.
    most girls like it better
    I can't comment, but is this really a concern? Personally, if I've gotten as far as showing my dick to someone else, they're not gonna care if it's cut or not.

    Pros of leaving it naturally? Well, at birth, it's one less procedure and potential source of complications such as infection. It's also an extra cost. And foremost it causes pain to the child. Lastly, it makes an irreversible decision for the child about the child's body when the child has absolutely no control over it. Doesn't really seem right. There aren't any other widely practiced body mods on children that aren't reversible.
  2. Anyway, dude, to answer your question, I don't see why any further procedure is warranted.

    First, it's gonna cost you money for something totally unnecessary.

    Second, it's gonna hurt like hell and you will lose some use of your penis for a while. Personally I like to be able to fap whenever I please and I would certainly NOT want a painful bandage on my manhood.

    Seems kinda silly to consider it. Love what ya got.
  3. lol I can't wait for thread to turn into an uncircumsized vs. circumsized flame war

  4. You mean a cockfight? :D
  5. Wrong...You take care of it..and Girls love it and I last fuck myths
  6. Would any of you circumsized guys get it done now if you didn't when you were a baby?

    Shit... It would be hard to do. You wouldn't even think it was weird if you grew up with it, so you can't even say. :cool:

    Let the record show that Olesmoky's dick is more cut than a swimmer. :cool:
  7. i have also heard that adult circumsicion is not the most pleasant experience. Apparently even popping a boner in the first few days can cause the stitches to bust open. ouch. I work with a girl who told me her brother got one when he was 16 or something because of phimosis and she said he wore a cast over that thing so nothing was touching. Even after they took that off he couldn't wear anything for weeks, it was too painful. So he just hung around the house buck nekkid.
  8. good fight i still have foreskin, i get better faps then all of you
  9. I didnt realize there were so many different types. I dont even want to google those to find out which one i have, lol.

  10. LOL circumcision is actually a JEWISH TRADITION
  11. Uncut, feels good man, I thanked my parents for it.
  12. Get it cut man.

    Everyone with foreskin always raves about it to make themselves feel better.
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    Lol ignorance pwnd :smoking:
  14. I never understood that. >_> Most men don't even make the choice, their parents do, but they always take it to great offense when someone says something about being circumsized or vice-versa...

    It's whatever you want I guess dude. I never really thought there was much different between to two.

  15. i dont rave about it, i just don't like when people who are circumsized have to take shots. Saying shit like it's better, healthier, cleaner, looks better etc. it's all in the eye of the beholder, so dont' come on here and make it into a FACT. The only fact i know is that it's an unnecessary procedure, on newborns. Certain medical conditions will more or less make you get one. Or religious believes. But doing it just to "be like everyone else" is pretty dumb.
  16. It's not the right of parents to have their child's penis mutilated by circumcision for no reason other than, "Everybody does it", "It's less trouble to clean", "Girls prefer it", "We want him to look like his father", etc. Nature has provided the forskin and frenulum for a reason, and the medical community makes money by chopping them off.

    When the national health service of England dropped coverage for routine circumcision, the rate of this procedure dropped drastically - and if the insurance companies refused to pay for them in the U.S. the same thing would happen.
  17. Just remember, you're losing nerve endings.
  18. surely this is a troll. anyway, i love my foreskin.
  19. You know how I know your gay?
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    This. Proud to be uncircumsized lol

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