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  1. I know this is weird to talk about but I think I may get "cut" again. I was already circumcised when I was a baby but my parents opted for a loose circumcision. I think I may want to get a tight one. Also what's a frenelum? I'm pretty sure I have that but should I get that cut off too? So what kind of dick do you guys have? lol.
  2. i'm not sure if troll or not

  3. im not circumsized.
  4. What is this, I don't even?
  5. Also if I get a tight circumcision, does that mean I'm gonna need lube from now on?
  6. Dude frenulum is like the male clitoris ... I wouldn't advise getting that cut off. I'd advise against circumcision all together in fact. It has absolutely no medical benefits as stated by the WHO, and can actually decrease your sensitivity. The foreskin is a shield for the most sensitive part of your body... and our society cuts it off like it's a toe nail...

    Anyways... Penn and Teller's Bullshit show has a good brief episode discussing circumcision and the bullshit that surrounds it. Just putting it out there that if you're going to have a kid someday at least do him the favor of making the informed decision... but if it's your penis then have at it! Just be informed...
  7. I'm not cut either.

    The frenulum is a small piece of skin that goes from the bottom of the urethral opening to the (lemme check lol) foreskin. It's covered when the foreskin is not retracted.

    I don't see why that needs to be removed. Hell I don't see why the foreskin should be removed in most circumstances.

    EDIT: The frenulum isn't really the analogue to the clitoris. The whole glans is a more accurate analogue, however, some people might have the most sensitivity centered under the frenulum. Not me personally.
  8. Yeah but it seems like every guy in pornos has a tight circumcision. I think uncircumcised look alien like to me.
  9. yea i'm not, neither is my son. Now i got random fucking americans tell me how he's gonna have problems in school and all that. I didn't./ Granted, i moved to u.s. when i was 14, but when i showered in school or whatever, no one said anything. If someone did...well, why the fuck you staring at my dick? I couldn't bring myself to do that to my son, besides in unnecessary. There is no point to it. BUt in your case, do what you gotta do man. Your dick, your decision.
  10. im uncircumsized, and i love it.
    i think it makes your wang a little bigger cuz it has more skin to grow.
    but i have 0 experiance points with circumsision, let alone any penis other than my own.

    i read about this guy who made this device, that makes your foreskin grow back ro something.
    id see about that if i were you.

  11. I really doubt he'll have problems. I never actually once showered at school. He might, but I doubt the kids will make a deal of it. It is becoming more common in the US to not have a circumcision done on a newborn.
  12. Pros of circumcision: cleaner, healthier, last longer in bed, looks nicer, feels nicer, most girls like it better.

    Pros of uncircumcision::confused:

  13. So? Most guys in pornos are longer than 6 inches and shoot big loads. We all know most people arent that way.

    However why guys in porn always seem to have no trace of foreskin, I have no idea. I think there's more uncut cock in gay porn, but maybe the fact that there's more cocks in general has skewed my idea of it all :p
  14. What the fuck...
  15. Actually, Jews DO get circumcised.
  16. Those pros are for the most part all myths. You've just gotta look into it a little bit to find all of this out... I mean... it is just your penis... cutting off a piece of your penis... hah I mean I'm not a guy, but I'd question anyone telling me that that's what I had to do.
  17. So theres pretty much no benefit to being un-circumcised correct? The only thing I can think of is more feeling but I'd rather have a little bit less feeling and last a whole lot longer.
  18. Being Uncircumcised is the natural all smoke herb I know you're into natural shit.

  19. cleaner? no, just shower like a normal person. healthier?, using that whole "higher chance of hiv if you're uncercumsized" well if you're fucking without a rubber and the chick has hiv, your chances just went from 95% of getting it to 85%. Congrats, bro you got me beat. Just wear a rubber like most people do when they're fucking questionable broads. Last longer in bed? Horseshit, i never had issues. Looks nicer? sound like a homo. Feels nicer? How many dicks have you felt? Most girls like it better? Yea also never had any problems. Pros? How about not getting your fucking dick sliced when you're a day old? I think that's a pro enough for me.

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