Circular White Fuzzy Mold Comes Back On Rockwool Cubes

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  1. Purpose:  
    The purpose of this thread is to find a way eliminate the White Fuzzy mold, and prevent it from coming back.
    24x12 inch humididy dome
    Heated Pad
    10x clones in rockwool cubes
    98%-100% Humidity
    72-74* F inside dome
    Two out of the ten have developed the circular white fuzzy mold.  I'm afraid it will spread and become out of control. I believe the cause of this is the heater pad I had to put underneath the dome, considering I did not have this problem since before the heater was added.  The heater is essential during the cold time of the year.
    What I have already done:
    I sprayed them yesterday with 3% H2O2 and instantly destroyed it, then 24 hours later the same 2 out of the 10 have the circular white mold.
    I thought maybe the clones were ready to hold moisture so I took the dome off after I sprayed them and they wilted in 20 minutes so roots have not yet developed enough..
    Looking forward to hearing what the forum thinks!  Thanks in advance for your help! 

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    dont everyone just chime in at once! lol BUMP
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    "Instantly destroyed it" "Came back 24 hours later"
    H2O2 doesn't immediately do anything noticeable to mold, it takes a bit. You sure it's mold and not salt buildups? Salt buildups will appear to vanish if they're soaked and unless removed, will just reappear as the moisture evaporates. Also, if it's mold, spraying won't do anything, there's a mycelium throughout the rockwool cube and unless you soak the cube, you'll just kill whatever is on top and a few millimeters down. You should be using rockwool cube covers to prevent mold and algae.

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