Circular breathing.

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  1. I just tried something for kicks: circular breathing for hitting a bong. Pull in with your mouth as you exhale through your nose. You can keep it bubblin (and thus, smokin) indefinitely.

    Good times.
  2. ha epic, they gotta make a smokable didgy for this
  3. how in gods name do you circular breath? so weird!
    you must play a wind instrument im guessing.
    i bet with circular breathing you take the most disgusting hits anyones ever seen.
  4. how the fuck do you exhale out your nose while your pulling in with your mouth! i look like a damn squirrel with down syndrome trying to do this right now
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    That would fill all of my personal needs, solve the climate crisis, and effectively eliminate poverty altogether.

    You heard it here first.

    As for the rest of ya, have you ever smoked a tobacco pipe or cigar? That's what I mean my pull in with your mouth. Don't actually breathe through your mouth, just puff. While your doing that exhale through your nose. This is the reverse of normal circular breathing, which is blowing out with your mouth and in with your nose. I don't play a wind instrument (yet; i plan to learn at least one by the end of the summer to acceptable competency), I just learned how for some reason. It's kind of cool in a meditative thing, kind of like some kinds of drumming.

  6. yeah wait how do you do it backwards?
    you inhale into your mouth while exhaling whats in your lungs out of your nose? then you inhale using your lungs again until you get near empty and then pull with your mouth while exhaling out your nose again?:confused::eek: thats impossible. i call shenanigans.
  7. ha, me too
  8. I went to hookah once and saw this guy doing that with a hookah, breathing the smoke in through his mouth and exhaling the smoke out of his nose, he played the trumpet or something i think, he was able to do it for a really long time, was pretty cool to watch.
  9. yeah thats french inhaling, totally diferent from what he was talking about.
    that guy doing the hookah just opens his mouth and lets the smoke roll out(sometimes using tongue to push out) and then breathes through nose.
  10. I think he means the guy was constantly inhaling while also exhaling from his nose so smoke just kept comin out his nose lol
  11. ... inhale through mouth, exhale through nose, inhale through mouth, exhale through nose.... doesnt seem hard to me, maybe im missing the point?
  12. funny you say that! we have a big thick bong at my dealer/buddies house and we put his didgy over it an it seals perfectly forming a 5fter :D hits like a champ!
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    This guy would be the best bong hitter.

    [ame=]YouTube - Didgeridoo - Jeremy Donovan, Aboriginal Artist[/ame]

    I don't see how circular breathing is possible with inhaling because you arent breathing/out in through your lungs at the same time, you breathe in nose, blowing air into mouth, then breathing in you nose as you exhale the air in your mouth. hm...
  14. yes you are :D you've gotta do all that at the same time, which makes it pretty near impossible. If I hadn't actually seen someone do this in real life I'd call BS on this too but it's possible if you practise enough.

  15. Yes, it was a constant motion, he was still hitting the hookah while he was exhaling through his nose. So it was still being hit the entire time, and he was still hitting it pretty well. He somehow managed to inhale and exhale at the same time. Like I said, he was some intense band guy, and taught himself that technique for playing, which carried over to the smoking world.

    I know what french inhaling is, it's not that. Sorry if I was not clear.
  16. the real trick to it is closing the back of your mouth off with your tongue and using a drop jaw technique yo create vacuum force in your mouth. this way you can keep the bong bubbling while exhaling air or thin smoke you taken in before the big hit.

    Easily one of my favorite talents, it is a modified version of how you use it for wind instruments but none-the-less it can breed some terrific smokers. I started on brass and shit and realized the talent it gave me for smoking, but I've trained my friends to start doing it because the best hits are the ones where you exhale everything in your lungs right before the hit.

    Although this is foolish, you know you're seasoned when you can employ some advanced technique like this.
  17. word up. this thread inspired and i learned how to do it both ways. obviously im not very good at it or seasoned at it, but i definitely understand how to do it. in a few months i'll probably have messed around with it enough to be decent at it. =D yay!:hello:

    i could imagine doing it on a piece, joint, or hookah but a bong seems like your mouth is too wide open for it?
  18. Yeah man so awesome. My buddy taught me this about four or five years ago when I first started hitting poppers. He could literally breathe for however long he wished. I was so shocked by his technique so i had to go home and practice it.
    Once you practice doing the motion, you one day just get it, and you then forever know how to do it.
    once you figure out the technique it become the best feeling in the world because you can also hit the fattest bowls all on one breath
  19. That really sounds like it wouldn't be possible. I mean I bet you could inhale through your mouth, then stop and exhale out your nose, and repeat that rapidly so it appears as though you are doing that. But if you were to inhale through your mouth, your nose is connected to your throat/lungs so you shouldn't be able to also push smoke out while inhaling it into your lungs. Makes no sense. I don't buy it, don't think it would be possible to accomplish (legitimately).
  20. This is making it sound like a good way to teach your girlfriend how to "go down" properly. Usually I'll just keep my mouth on the bong and exhale through my nose if I didn't get it all in one hit. Same way I can smoke a joint down without taking my mouth from it.

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