Circuit breaker blew. Lights off for 3 days!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by alki, May 26, 2010.

  1. I am about 3 weeks into flowering and just noticed that my circuit breaker blew and has been off for 3 days. I found it at 7pm and set it onto my normal 12/12 which is from 11am to 11pm.

    Should I change my hours so I get them 12 hours of light asap, or is the damage done? Right now they will get 4 hours light then 12/12/12/etc..

    I know this stressed the hell out of them already.:(
  2. dam 3 days in the dark... thas pretty bad..i wouldnt know anything about whats better for them..i dont know why im even commenting actually..jus sucks dude,its a situation i fear..but i would never leave mine long enough unattended,,i just worry about power outages.. they been without light so long i doont think it would matter when you flip the lights on.. you might have some tranny's on your hands...GL dude
  3. I would just let your timer run its cycle,and maybe switch out ur breaker.really u should have a dedicated circuit for your grow especially for HID
  4. If it tripped once it will most likely do it again. Like he said you should put the lights on their own circuit or at least take some of the load you have on the current one off. Good luck.
  5. yikes, that fucking sucks!!

    what they said, get an electrician to come in and drop a 20 amp breaker in the box for you. If you possible get him to hook it up and run the line, but that's not always possible for us. But then you can wire whichever one keeps throwing to the 20 amp.

    In the meantime, a trick I learned in apartment living, get yourself a nice 12 gauge extension cord, and plug into the extra plug where your W/D hookups are. That is a 20 amp breaker and the only thing it runs is your washing machine.
  6. IMHO, extra light > no light when it comes to hermies.

    when i say that i mean i think plants have a better chance at becoming hermie if the lights are left on for too long, i dont think they will turn hermie if the lights are off too long.

    as long as they spring back up when u turn the lights on, i think you'll be fine.
  7. Damn dude. How could you of just realised the lights were off for three days????. Man, you need to be keeping an eye on them at all times.

    Well, unfortunatly the mistake might be rewarded with a grow full of hermies:mad:.
  8. ^^Very true the breaker could have popped at any time. It might have only been a day. I left my veg chamber open 2 times during my last grow and the plants still turned out alright. I know the feeling man, hope everything works out for you!
  9. i dont know for sure but i personally would just resume the normal 12/12. i check my plants 1-3 times a day. i take better care of them better than i would kids if i had them lol.
    im not sure if this will work but maybe try a surge protector. helps regulate the electricity better and prevents against spikes. im pulling 500+ watts and use one. make sure it is a actually a 'surge protector' though and not just a 'power strip'.

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